Skyrim: How-To Create The Best 'Legendary' Daedric Armor From Scratch (Full Set)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a complete guide on how to create not only a standard Daedric armor, but its Legendary counterpart including all the ingredients required and the process of forging it. Full details on this report.

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thePatriot2408d ago

loool look at the f*ing stats. If you don't have it, something is wrong with you. loool

jianaprent2408d ago

you can even add enchantment on it after making it legendary.

Iroquois_Pliskin2408d ago

im lvl 27 and i have the Daedric armor on legendary. Its awesome

NoobJobz2408d ago

I was going to go up to Dragon armor but I like my Daedric far too much. Plus I heard Daedric is better anyway.

rdgneoz32408d ago

I have both sets maxed at legendary (currently using Daedric on my character and Dragon on my companion, with both using Daedric 2h swords). The Daedric has a bit more armor. But when you're running around with all the armor perks and legendary versions of either one, you're not gonna notice it too much. Only stuff that does any damage to me really is magic.

itani2408d ago

Lol didn't notice my video ended up on here.

jianaprent2407d ago

man, thanks for the heads up!

ZBlacktt2408d ago

I know there are ways to get this faster. But I personally don't care to do it. I want to enough as much of this game as I can. It's really that good. So I'm building up, fighting, exploring and clearing out area's. I have bought it set of armor along the way and made it even better. It awesome to watch your player grow and become better all around. For me anyway, no sense in ruining all that by becoming bulletproof a few hours of playing the game.

ArabianKnight012407d ago

I agree, but if you put difficulty on master the game should be hard enough to where you cant access such OP equipment unless you really work for it in other words you should not be able to smith the best armor in the game but rewarded with it in the depth of some dungeon or cave or some off the wall side quest, I dont want to have to gimp myself into exploring the world it should be a slandered based on difficulty settings, I hate knowing I have access to some badas* weapon/armor and Im choosing not to use it. Bottom line is on master difficulty I should have to explore the entire world to max out my avatar, no side quest left undone and no cave left unexplored, as it stands there is nothing for me to gain from exploring, I for one like having motivation to explore the depth of a game with the thought of high reward at the end for my troubles. Or make the materials hard to come by unless you explore like the deadric armor. Still though great game enjoying it a lot!

ZBlacktt2407d ago

Understand all that. Was just thinking how many will up the difficulty? Wise just going to get the plat trophy and brag from there, lol. I was speaking for myself though. Plus look at all the other glitches right now tha people are taking advantage of. The two book ones are really bad. Free gold and free stats points.

Robotronfiend2407d ago

I didn't even realize there was a difficulty setting until I was 10 hours in! I was so excited to get the game I just dove in immediately.

dragonhearts2408d ago

If you get heavy armor to lvl 70, you can get a perk that gives 25% extra defence when wearign a whole set.... my defence now in 593. with deadric (legendary)

NoobJobz2408d ago

Oh just wait. That number can get much bigger. I heard someone got into the 1000s. Mine personally stopped around 880.

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