Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary review (HonestGamers)

Tom Chick writes: "When the rocket launcher and shotgun appear later in the game, they appear for specific situations and not because your arsenal has been lacking up to this point. And from the early appearance of grunts on the Pillar of Autumn all the way to the grand reveal of the Flood and the Sentinels, Halo is a textbook example of how to gradually unfold enemies in a meaningful way. Are you prepared to fear a cloaked elite with an energy sword for the very first time, all over again?"

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otherZinc2400d ago

If this game isn't a 10, every remake should get at least 5 points below whatever score given to Halo CE: Anniversary.


Scores like this is the very reason I dont trust reviewers.

Halo CE still does many things games like Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance & others dont do to this day.

Kungfue2399d ago

"Halo CE still does many things games like Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance & others dont do to this day."

Yup HALO does things that all those games dont like I don't know having inferior graphics compared to KZ3 or not being as EPIC as uncharted.

LOL its funny I thought you 360 fanpacks said you dont cry over reviews giving your godly exclusives low scores?

just like I thought you guys are just as bad, bunch of hypocritical group of nerds.

DiRtY2400d ago

IMO HD remakes just show how broken the review-system really is.
I still have to see a reviewer giving a low score to mention what he was expecting. HD remake is a game remade in HD with better graphics, sound, achievements and online gameplay.

tigertron2400d ago

Exactly. Its still Halo - the FPS which redefined the genre. Infact, this is the first time I've played Halo on the Xbox, I only had it for the PC but I think its a very solid shooter and one of my favourite games. I'm half way through it and I think its fantastic, especially with the better graphics, co-op and achievements. My only issue is the lack of multiplayer maps. They only remade 6 - and I know there are way more CE maps than that. Death Island, Danger Canyon, Sidewinder, Rat Race, Derelict, Boarding action, Chiron, Wizard, Longest, Infinity, Ice Fields and Gephyrophobia (or just re-release the Narrows). I know thats alot of maps but they were some of the best multiplayer maps ever. The Timberland remake *forgets new name* is now one of my favourite Reach maps along with Condemned, Anchor 9 and Highlands.

tigertron2400d ago

Lol at the stealth disagrees. Tell me why Halo deserves the 6/10 score then.

darthv722400d ago

This game would get a 6 from some sites. It is after all...Halo. Its like regardless of how much spit and polish went in to making this the best looking/playing version of the game it is still the same game overall.

I personally feel its an 8 but that is me. So if we used the same logic and applid it to remakes then all of these HD remakes should be judged on the fact they are the "been there done that".

Yet we are not seeing a consistent view of sorts. Its the picking and choosing of which games that has been remade gets what score. So far I have the GoW collection and I see that in the same light others would see this version of halo.

Fresh coat of paint, some added extras and the same gameplay that made them great doesnt automatically give them the same score they earned when they first came out. But that is no reason to treat them like they arent fun anymore. Or worse, below class because they are classics trying to be relevant in today's generation of gamer.

thrasherv32400d ago

I think the review is complete crap and misguided. The only thing I agree with is the firefight map only because they promised the map was going to bring something new to the game mode(perhaps the Flood could have been this) but it was a big let down. The reviewer treated this like it was Halo 4, not a $40 HD remake of a classic game.

ssb31732398d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better