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Joe Shaffer states, "What Bayonetta brings to the table is nothing new, yet it still has its own identity. Sure, it plays like Devil May Cry, but its details and style elevate it beyond simple "clonedom". Its playful demeanor, sexy vibe, balls-to-the-wall action, and ferocious gameplay combined with tons of tiny references make it a great experience to undertake. It's the kind of title that wants first and foremost for you to have fun and not linger on aspects like a compelling story with complex characters or plausibility. It's tough and imaginative action, a true jawbreaker through and through. It will challenge you, it will excite you, and it will reward you. I wish more action titles did that."

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PhantomTommy2379d ago

Really underrated game, I hope there is a sequel coming.

_Aarix_2379d ago

I loved all the different gameplay elements in it. And the sea humor in it.

fei-hung2379d ago

Same here. This was every bit what DMC should have been and a hell of a lot more. Well what can you expect since it is created by the father of DMC himself. If Crapcom only were to hire Platinum Games to make the next true DMC sequel, that would be super awesome!