Diver Down: Will MGS4 Save the PS3 from Drowing?

The internet was ablaze today due to an article on that questioned if "Metal Gear Solid 4" could be the last of the great exclusives? In the same piece the Assistant producer of Metal Gear Solid 4 Ryan Payton says that the new "Metal Gear Solid" needs to sell over a million copies on the first day it goes on sale due to its costly production. That seems like an incredibly lofty goal for the game, not based on the quality of the title but due simply to the PS3's minuscule install base. It's been out a little over a year and the PS3 stateside has only been able to rustle up an install base of slightly over two million.

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wil4hire3799d ago

All of these retarded "PS3 NEEDS SAVING" stories are getting retarded. Cant wait to go home & download Pain.

Then Finish up unlocking stuff in Uncharted.
Getting My rank up in Warhawk

Then getting my scopes in COD4.

See what I did there?

This is what I would be doing on the xbox:

1. Man When are they going to return my RROD box I mailed it over 2 weeks ago!

2. Upgrading my rank in COD4.

3. Pretending Mass Effect is fun. Flawed.. but fun..


chester3799d ago

yes, the "ps3 is drowning" or "is this the ps3 saviour?" threads are getting really old. also getting old are the "see, the ps3 is actually doing fantastic" topics, of which there have been just as many topics. the ps3 is not failing or thriving at this time. but as long as there are fanboys, there will be all kinds of topics from both sides.

sonarus3799d ago

This is the biggest piece of crap article i have read in a while. 1st off they mention msoft's big titles for nxt yr fable, infinite undiscovery and ninja gaiden 2. Non of those games are even remotely in the system selling range. Not only that but the games appear to be in bold while little big planet and white knight story arent.
I remember when ps2 came out and distinctively remember MGS2 selling A LOT of ps2's. Calling MGS3 not a system seller is ludicrous. I wasnt even aware that MGS system selling capabilities was being disputed. Am sure xbox has other great exclusives hitting in 08 like splinter cell conviction and too human but they still fail to mention gran turismo which till today stands as sony's highest selling game. When articles like this comeout without research it really shows unprofessionalism. Makes me questions deeko's credibility as a gaming website

games4fun3799d ago

i laugh at this article. seriously? you think it's drowning? rolls eyes and looks for something that is not just a crybaby worrying why oh why mgs4 doesn't go multiplat and waste time and money on a crappy port to his console of choice.

BrianC62343799d ago

Thank god the PS3 is only drowing. I thought someone was going to say it's drowning. We all know that's silly though. It has lots of great games out now. Too many for me to play the next few months. 2008, the year of PS3. Woot!

PS3PCFTW3799d ago

ha ha.....
the only things drowning are hddvd/zune/vista and the RROD box.

haha xbots should get frequent flyer miles from all the shipping back and forth!!!!!!!!


The Killer3799d ago

what will save 360 in 2008??
can halo save 360 in 2008?

this is a counter question for this article!

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felman873799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

2.6 is not 'slightly' over 2. by the time MGS4 comes out, I think the install base will be great enough for it to sell a million world wide. (not to mention, in the article it states that it's still a PS3 exclusive) and yet I still approve of the article

Hatchetforce3799d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Besides, how is a console with sales pacing that of the PS2 in it's first year drowning?

Mr_Kuwabara3799d ago

Oh lord here we go again...

The idiot actually contradicts himself stating that people didn't buy the PS2 for first part games but for third party.... then WTF is MGS4 [email protected]$$?!

xtcdukes3799d ago

Do you understand what third party means?

Elginer3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I agree that PS3 owners need to buy more games. I want the PS3 to be around.

HeartlesskizZ3799d ago

lately PS3 owners are buying more games then before do to the growth of the library:multi and exclusive and it will keep increasing with time samething for the others consoles. everyone will keep buying more games now that great bigger games are coming out such us Ninja Gaiden 2 and MGS4 just to name 1 big exclusives from each side

BrianC62343799d ago

I've been buying plenty of PS3 games. Just lately I bought Ratchet & Clank, Stranglehold, Uncharted and COD4. I already prepaid for UTIII in full. Is that enough buying from me?

HarryEtTubMan3799d ago