Complete Famitsu review scores

Check out the full listing of Famitsu scores from the November 17 issue. This is the issue containing the perfect score for Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Hicken2430d ago

I was hoping to see a 9 or an 8 in there somewhere. My poor hope never stood a chance.

ronin4life2430d ago

I don't get it...
Why lol at Zelda?

Hicken2430d ago

lol at Zelda because it got a perfect score. As if it would ever get anything else.

That's also, incidentally, why I was hoping for AT LEAST ONE 9 in there.

Relientk772430d ago

Zelda got a perfect score. Very nice.

ssb31732430d ago

WOOOOOHOOOOOO for the zelda perfect score