Black Friday 2011: Amazon will have PS3 Holiday Bundle for $199.99

XMNR: Pretty much every retailer will be selling the Playstation 3 Holiday Bundle for $199.99 on Black Friday and it looks like Amazon will get in on the mix as well according to a post on its Facebook page on Saturday.

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Dante1122256d ago

Wow, $199!!! That's a steal if you don't have a PS3.

SoapShoes2256d ago

$50 off with two great games! Plus no tax if it's on Amazon, schwing!

SactoGamer2256d ago

There is sales tax now on Amazon. At least, there is for California residents.

Crazyglues2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

@ News10GameGuys

-and in NYC too there is tax on Amazon - Newegg has no tax though -but not sure if they will have the PS3 deal..


blumatt2256d ago

My second PS3 is going to happen very soon then. haha And my cousin is going to be getting one too. I'm gonna get him that and a copy of MLB The Show '11.

Urrakia342256d ago

Very nice deal, but I can't wait to see the video game deals from Amazon. Give me a $40 Skyrim and I'm happy.

SoundGamer2256d ago

I got Skyrim for $29.99 last week at Kmart. o.o

Urrakia342256d ago

What?! How??? I must know of this sorcery that you cast upon the cashier to give it to you at that price!

joeyisback2256d ago

hey anyone know how much over night shipping is on a ps3 from amazon

PLAYER50952256d ago

4 bux if ur an amazon prime member like me. dont know how much if u aint

SactoGamer2256d ago

So will a few other retailers like RadioShack and WalMart.

Queasy2256d ago

Yes...the very first sentence mentions that.

Pretty much every retailer will be selling the Playstation 3 Holiday Bundle for $199.99"

Solidus187-SCMilk2256d ago

lots of people are going to be getting new consoles this year it looks like.

lots of great deals on hardware. I would get this for sure if I didnt already have one.

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