Bonus Round Episode 510 - Part 3: 2011 Grades: Microsoft's 2011 Grade (3/4)

GameTrailers writes:

"The curtain is about to close on 2011 and in this new episode of the Bonus Round our industry experts grade Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s performances and make their predictions for 2012. Shacknews’ Garnett Lee, Pach-Attack’s Michael Pachter and GameTrailers' Shane Satterfield put the big three console players under the microscope for 2010."

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Boody-Bandit2406d ago

Pachter says in this section of the podcast the next Box wont be released until 2014. If that happens PC gaming will surge again. It is already picking up thanks to Steam and other digital services.

Here is to hoping he is wrong yet again. If not, I'm glad I ponied up for a new gaming rig a few months back. It hasn't seen much use but after 2011 it will. This generation, for the most part (at least for me personally), is already long in the tooth. I am picking up Batman AC, Assassin's Creed, Streetfighter x Tekken, and many other games for the PC now.

I want new hardware no later than 2013 but I wish it was coming even sooner. I think waiting longer is not a good thing for the gaming industry. Some devs are already wanting to move on. As am I

C0MPUT3R2406d ago

2014 sounds fine to me. Just know the longer the wait the more powerful the system will be.
and most likely nexgen will be even longer than this gen, so I want the systems to be as powerful as possible.