Black Friday gift guide for PS3 gamers

The Game Guys on realize that while it's easy for gamers to know what video game gifts they may want, those who aren't into gaming probably have no clue what's good to buy or what's a good deal. That's where the below little list comes in, designed to help those who don't know much about video games look like they know almost all there is come this year's Black Friday.

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fOrlOnhOpe572436d ago

Im hoping Sony gives us a PS3 price-drop for the Christmas holiday, here in the UK.
Cash is a little tight this year but I promised my son his first PS3 console.

Urrakia342435d ago

Aren't the PS3 bundles at $200? I think that's a fair deal, but then again it must be different in the UK.

I just hope Amazon puts up Mortal Kombat for sale so I can get it for my GF. :)