Zeldagate - the 7.5 straws that broke the camel's back

An member blogs about "that" score.

*NOTE: Opinions in this article are that of an member and not that of MMGN's editorial team.

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-Alpha2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I will admit that the counter-rebuttals to the control criticism seem to prove McShea wrong. Though, he did still have two other main complaints that seem legit.

Here are his responses to the control complaint though:

Fans: "You made an error in your review regarding the game's controls (which has since been amended by the time of this writing). Do you think that an error like that might unintentionally affect your opinion (and therefore the review) of the game?"

McShea: "Not at all. In my original text, I said that aiming was handled by the infared sensor, when it's actually controlled by the gyroscopes. Ultimately, you point at the screen no matter which method the controller is using, so, for the player, the result is the same. My problem with the aiming is that you have to recenter your view often, and that's true no matter what the underlying technology is."

"As anyone who has followed me should know, controls are the single most important element of a game to me. If they aren't responsive all the time, I get frustrated, because it's a problem that could have been averted had the developers been more conscious of the experience they were creating. In the case of Skyward Sword, the controls function as they should most of the time, but that's not enough. When I swing and it doesn't register, or I point toward the screen but Link looks at the ground, I get angry. Nintendo usually sets the standard for controls, so I'm shocked they would release a game in this state."

Majority seem to disagree, but that's his apparent experience.

Lovable2407d ago

Move on people. 7.5 is still a good score. Cry if it gets a 5 or something lol

Shok2407d ago

All of these 95+ rated titles get at least one 7/10 from somewhere.

pcz2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

the same site awarded a sesame street game 8.0. they awarded just dance an 8 too. Both games are obviously not better than zelda.

the site are just trolling for hits.

i'l never read one of their reviews again.

sesame street better than zelda!? get the fxck out of here!

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