Metal Gear Solid Is Dead, Long Live Metal Gear

Justin Hutchison of discusses possible directions for Metal Gear Solid 5 and why the main Metal Gear Solid series should be left alone in the wake of Metal Gear Solid 4's story.

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waltyftm2346d ago

Always loved the Metal solid series Snail is the bestest.

waltyftm2345d ago

lol, just having a laugh, massive Mgs fan and Snake is one of my heroes, Mgs4 is probably my favorite game in the series, actually had a tear in my eye at the end.

Thunderflash922346d ago

Metal Gear Solid is still very much alive. Its the best franchise ever in my opinion.

xPhearR3dx2346d ago

It would probably help to read the article, instead of commenting on the title.

DarkBlood2346d ago


JoelT2346d ago

Wow. Great piece. I almost got teary eyed thinking of the end of MGS4 again. That reason alone should be enough for Kojima to just let the series be. I feel that that this series is becoming the "star wars" to his George Lucas, but using Lucas and the prequals as an example, some things should just be left alone. It's a case where the more you add to it, the more it takes away from what made the last game special.

Kojima is full of surprises, so I'm just hoping that this talk of a 5th game is nothing more than a re-naming of Rising. That's just wishful thinking on my part.

Jio2346d ago

George Lucas just forgot what made Star Wars fun and ruined it by adding nonsense about politics and stuff nobody cares about. If Kojima keeps making Metal Gear Solid, I'm confident it won't stop being amazing. Also, Kojima has said he'd stop making Metal Gear Solid games after every release, the series could've ended with any game in the series, they all have good endings.

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The story is too old to be commented.