Shivering Isles Finally Comes To PSN

It took a whole lot of doing, but The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is finally available in readily downloadable format for the PlayStation 3. Those of you who held out on getting the Game of the Year Edition of Oblivion that included the expansion and didn't want to drive all the way out to the store for the retail expansion disc can now spend $30 via the PlayStation Network and get your expansion on. PS3 Oblivion fans - the long struggle is finally at an end. According to the Bethesda Blog post, gamers own a debt of gratitude to technical director Guy Carver, heretofore known as the Prophet of Light. Feel free to erect statues in his honor while the expansion downloads.

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jack who3948d ago

ps3 sure loves 360's left overs

Polluted3947d ago

Why are you even reading this story? It's not like PS3 owners give a damn what gets released on "Live". Why should you care about shivering isles hitting PSN? Douche.

paracardium3948d ago

360 sure loves stupid consumers that buy hardware that fails all the time. :)

nanometric3948d ago

I'll better buy the GOTY edition, if it ever shows up over here :/

Frulond3948d ago

since i doubt the expansion will get here =X

Killjoy30003948d ago

too bad i dont have a credit card!! id buy this right away!! SONY GET YOUR THUMB OUT OF YOUR A$$ AND GET THE PS CARDS OVER HERE NOW. YOUR NETWORK AND STORE WILL BE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. sony ive always had faith in you and youve done a lot for me and answered pretty much all of our prayers except ingame xmb and i believe if you put out the cards in north america and UK youll do much better and ill be able to enjoy the excellent content you put on the store...

anyone agree with me?


Polluted3947d ago

Absolutely. I have a card, but I can't get PSN to accept it. We even tried creating new accounts with with the exact billing addresses on a few different credit cards and it won't work. I'd drop $50 in a day, easily, if they came out with PSN cards in the US/Canada.

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