Analysis: Saints Row: The Third Xbox 360 V-Sync On/Off

Lens of Truth writes - "We’ve received quite a few questions regarding frame-rate numbers on the Xbox 360 version of Saints Row: The Third when the “V-Sync” option is enabled. As you know, the Xbox 360 version comes with the V-Sync option disabled “out of the box”. Did Volition do this for a reason? Does enabling the option really result in frame-rate taking a hit?"

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the_fox002248d ago

Wow, take your pick on the Xbox 360, massive screen tearing, or annoying frame rate drops? PS3 is the easy choice.

Shaman2248d ago Show
MasterCornholio2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Don't forget that due to bluray they could include the first game in the series as well. I don't see how any multiconsole owner could choose the 360 version over the PS3. With a better framerate, no tears and a extra game makes it a big win for the PS3.

I guess " the ps3 is hard to develop for" isn't a valid excuse anymore. If a multiplats turns out bad on PS3 its the devs fault not the PS3s.


JellyJelly2248d ago

How can you come to that conclusion when they aren't even showing the PS3 version?

It doesn't say if the 360 version is installed or not either, and if that would make a difference (as it usually does for games that stream textures from the disc).

Oldman1002248d ago

Even the performance is crazily over the top.