The Most Bizarre History of Games-Part 1 writes - "The yellow jelly next to my 42" collagen screen television is YNOS' latest venture in the field of entertainment, after successful outings in almost all generations. The engineers at YNOS have finally managed to create a world that goes beyond the realms of reality, giving its users an unparallel rich experience that not only manages to ease out the horrific images of what the cynical world calls the third world war, but also gives hope that a seamless world sans differences does exist as envisioned by great leaders of the late 22nd century."

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RuffledLays3948d ago

This has got to be one of the worst articles I've ever read in my life. If you can even call it an article! The author tries to come off as a neo game journalist and fails miserably, sounding instead like a starving, penniless kid in a candy store.

Some people can do NGJ, but you sir, can't! I am actually still reeling after reading that!

"To be continued.."? God, I hope not!

THX71683947d ago

"Nicknamed “the Blobstation” for its regenerative properties, this piece of machinery packs in quite a punch, hook it up on to your arms and feel it engulf you into a world where all your dreams and memories are converted into real-time images. Play each memory or dream in the way you want to and alter the course of time, to choose your fate and destiny, you control your own choices in a world of limitless boundaries."

I seriously think this guy is high on some sort of drug.