Top 5 Open World/Sandbox Games

GS run down the top 5 open world games of all time.

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acemonkey2403d ago

have to agree but i dont like Assassins creed games tho

jony_dols2403d ago

Saints Row ahead of RDR in this countdown?

They aren't even in the same class.

acemonkey2403d ago

im agree with the list not the order really RDR was amazing i love that game.....saints row the first 1 was the best that i played...i have the 3rd but skyrim is not letting me play it

NukaCola2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Fallout 3
Arkham City
Spiderman 2: The Movie Game

Now a top 10.

Trainz2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

OK I know everyone has different tastes but how can one not like assassin's creed?

@acemonkey OK I will admit the first one wasn't that great. But 2 and brotherhood are masterpieces they just start off kinda slow.
But its you choice dude.

acemonkey2403d ago

cant get into it...the first 1 was number 1 in that year trade in game and fastest trade in games...second 1 i passed on....i got brother hood havent played it more then 2mins....its just something about it that i dont like im sure theres a game i like or love that you hate

aPerson2403d ago

Wow. The first game tuns out to be somewhat lackluster, so you don't give the GREATLY IMPROVED sequels a chance? Playing 2 minutes of Brotherhood doesn't do it any justice. That barely counts as playing it.

Your loss, dude.

morganfell2403d ago

Brotherhood is, for me at least, the best of all sandbox titles.

The reason being is the wealth of things to do as you may find in other titles. But on top of that there are tons of actual side missions that have a full structure and though not necessary to complete the game, they add to it immeasurably.

Most sandbox titles have the central missions, a few side missions, and then the rest is wandering around but that becomes stale in short order. Brotherhood is positively loaded with actual structured missions.

I am so looking forward to Revelations when it arrives. A friend in Australia picked up and shipped me the Animus Edition which is not available stateside.

Bereaver2403d ago

Wait, I'm sorry to be picky... but...

Did you just say, but I think GTA is just a slight edgier because the world is so alive and it's filled with people and "cars" and you can steal things, who doesn't like to steal things?

So Skyrim isn't full of people and you can't steal things?

I mean, yeah, once you kill them they don't come back but still.....

I don't think that's a very good reason. Maybe "because I like games said in modern times with guns and cars". Sounds better.