The Top 6.5 Reasons Why the Wii is the Best Console of This Generation

For years, virtual armies have waged war on forums and comment sections across the internet in a desperate struggle to prove console superiority. After half a decade of hurt feelings, insulted intelligences, offensive mother comments, and general meanness, the battle is finally over. Despite the stiff competition, the dust has settled and a clear winner has victoriously emerged from the message board flames, holding the severed heads of its competitors together with a Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

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-Alpha2402d ago

Gee, when I hit a milestone age I hope someone writes me a "Top 5 reasons Alpha is the best Human Being" in the world article.

Army_of_Darkness2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I also had the gamecube, but I'm not counting that since I only had 2 games for it then quit on it and stuck with the ps2. So my point is if I can make due without a Nintendo system since the nes times, I wouldn't even consider the wii to even be in 2nd place, even though I admit Nintendo does make good games, but that alone isn't enough for this gen and not having an hd console doesn't help either.

Iroquois_Pliskin2401d ago

Can we stop with these articles now?

decrypt2401d ago

Wii is actually the only real console this gen. The other 2 are just watered down locked down PCs, controlled by MS and Sony.

rezzah2401d ago

The Wii resembles a last gen console more than the other two, except for its focus on motion control.

While the other two are taking a large step forward from their predecessors, the Wii is not a huge leap considering what the Game Cube was.

Also the reason why MS and Sony step in to use more force of control over their system, unlike before, is because now with the ability to actually attempt to prevent people from pirating and finding loop holes in what their systems offer they can finally try to discover ways to stop them.

However according to you allowing the systems to be as free as a PC will be better, meaning all consumers would be subject to hacks of all kinds. This would allow the few to take advantage of the majority, why would any company step aside and allow this?

Anyways if you dislike how the top two "real" systems are being controlled to prevent further acts of hacking and pirating, then stick to your PC where you have a better chance at stealing people's information.

-Mika-2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

lol i find it funny how the author didn't mention the most important thing. Games. It really sad when a console only depends on their first party games. With Sony and MS. I know im going to have great first party games and third party games. So that right there, puts nintendo in last place for me.

-Alpha2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I own a PS3 and would gladly take the Wii and its list of Nintendo developed-games, some of which are this gen's highest acclaimed titles, and few third party games over an Xbox 360.

That puts Nintendo second for me. And this is based absolutely on the Wii's software that I still think is under-appreciated around here.

2401d ago
Mykky2401d ago

I agree, I own both a PS3 and a Wii so I can the most of games. PS3 keeps me busy with a whole lot of games and every now and then Nintendo comes out to clean the dust of my Wii. The most memoriable games this generation for me is just as much Nintendo games as PS3 games.

RedDead2401d ago

The Wii has a few great games though. Monster Hunter...mario..zelda...Smash bros....xenoblade...last story...well..there the ones I would get(have most already).

This gen for me it was the 360. Simply because they online was so good from Day 1. You really notice how the ps3 online lacks when you drop from the 360. Although that gap has closed a whole lot from today but still for the majority of this gen it was like that. The wii is for random great exclusives, so is the Ps3. That's why I bought them anyway.(was not my choice for the Wii actually but still).

I also got a very average Pc and played all the great games from the past and that is tying with the 360 best system this gen. Although I barely play 360 nowadays, it served it's purpose.

rexbolt2401d ago

online thats it? last there is realy no diff etwen ps3 online and 360 sept that my brother never uses the 360 had to pay for online and buy a piece so it can use wifi FAAAAAIL WTF IS THAT SHIT? cant even use wifi and even then the conection is the same if not worst then ps3's no im im not a sony fanyboy i dont even like ps3 but facts are facts even wiis online is smother then 360's yeah you herd me and we have like 4 360 games

hellvaguy2400d ago

Your Wii online works smoother than your ps3/360 because u left the ps3/360 unplugged. They wont work very well that way. Also if u put the discs in upside down, the graphics aren't very good.

jony_dols2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

101 reasons why the Wii is the worst console this gen, is a lot easier than coming up with 6.5 reasons why it's the best!

Kos-Mos2401d ago

Let me guess:
Lack of hd and "adult" games.
You'll be given another chance in your next life though.

madjedi2401d ago

Well worst is relative to the individual but i'd say still born online, lack of hd graphics, and being so far underpowered that 99% of the quality or "hd" third party games can't run on it.

Thats reason enough for me, btw all of this is subjective so get off your high horse buddy, it's just another asshole's opinion lighten up kos mos.

@Title Yeah sorry nintendo fanatics but no, not even close, each group is going to have it's own bias but almost anyone that has more than a wii. Can't look at that title and keep a straight face.

@Venox hello nintendo fanboy

Mini Mario2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

"Well worst is relative to the individual but i'd say still born online, lack of hd graphics, and being so far underpowered that 99% of the quality or "hd" third party games can't run on it. "

O lack of HD..shit all other consoles prior to HD must of reallly sucked then ! lol

No HD, the world has come to some kind of end!

*Help, Help*

MultiConsoleGamer2401d ago

It is certaily the most unique console this gen. But the best console is a matter of opinion.

Wii haters have sh*t taste in games.

rezzah2401d ago

At first it was the most unique console for its focus on motion controls. However that is now debatable due to the 360 and PS3 using motion controls in ways the Wii is incapable of. Not only that, but motions controls are not he main focus, and they offer a deeper variety then any console in history.

Also to pick a console as the best ever is like you said, "...a matter of opinion."

Where you are completely wrong is your final point, which really is a opinion and a very ignorant one too. To generalize everyone into a group for reasons unknown to you is childish. A more possible reason as to why people may dislike or even hate the Wii is likely due to its style of gaming, which is motion. Notice that motion, though it sold well, is not taking over regular controllers on the PS3 and 360? That is because people are more accustomed to motionless controllers as they have been using them as their prime way of gaming for more many years.

rexbolt2401d ago

ps3 and xbox have motion? hmm ooooh yeah its just neglected i see see so it kinda does not count does it?

MultiConsoleGamer2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

No, its statistical fact. Wii haters have sh*t taste in games. The reviews are there and they prove I'm right. In fact anyone who hates any current gen console has shit taste in games. This gen has been great. And only fools put limits on their joy.

And as far as the tired old Wii VS the other motion controls are concerned, well as much as I like the Move, its a failure. And it can't do shooting as well as the Wii. (Plus it requires 8.5 feet of space to use properly, as proven by the loading screens in Sports Champions.)

And the Kinect compliments the Wii rather than imitates it, like the Move. That's one of the big reasons why the Kinect is a success, well that and a 500 million dollar advertising budget.

And the whole motion controls vs standard controls debate... you're implying you can't have both. Give me a break. People who don't like change should just give up gaming now. Because the next couple of years.... Well that's fodder for another discussion.

n4gisatroll2401d ago

I personally don't think the wii is the best console this gen, or really, any gen. But like I have said in other articles, its all a matter of personal opinion.

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