DualShockers Review: Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Allen Park of reviews Blue Microphone's Snowball USB microphone, praising its sturdy design and sound quality.

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one2thr2252d ago

Oh wow my room mate just brought one of these things not so long ago and I thought it was a toy at first until she told me it was a mic, but back on topic this thing is the shit, it works better than i'd expected and we use it to do voice overs, and other what not...... But if your looking for a good or even great condenser mic, then this one is the one that'll get your job done flawlessly....... Sn: I couldnt believe it only caught her voice, while i was playing Battlefield 3 with the surround sound on, suprised the hell out of me seeing that i dont have to turn the volume down anymore...... WIN