Gamespot Editor Fired Over Kane & Lynch Review? heard an unsettling rumor today from an anonymous tipster that longtime game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann from Gamespot has been let go. That wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy, but the conditions under which he was allegedly dismissed were. According to the source, Gerstmann was fired "on the spot" due to advertiser pressure for his review of Eidos' Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. A visit to Gamespot shows that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game has taken over the site very prominently, with backgrounds and multiple banner ads all pitching Kane & Lynch. Allegedly, publisher Eidos "took issue with the review and threatened to pull its ad campaign."

Jeff's review was certainly less than glowing. He assigned the game a 6.0, otherwise known as "Fair" on the Gamespot scale. The game is currently enjoying a Metacritic score in the 65 to 69 range, which the site describes as "mixed or average reviews." According to our tipster, it wasn't necessarily the score that was reason for Gerstmann's rumored axing, but the "tone" of the review.

Gerstmann has been no stranger to controversial reviews, as his scores of 10 for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and 8.8 for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had sensitive internet users up in arms. It's now possible that many bitter fanboys may have had their wishes for his firing granted.

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Relcom3916d ago

They ruin all reviews for all consoles. By blowing one thing that bugs them out of porportion. Remember, "to much gameplay is bad" quote from them. WTF???

BrianC62343916d ago

Isn't Jeffy the editor in charge of reviews on Gamespot? He'd be the one who assigned idiot Aaron Thomas to review Ratchet & Clank Future and gave it a 7.5. I'd rather think Jeffy was fired over that fiasco than over the Kane & Lynch review.

TheIneffableBob3916d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the boss of GameSpot (not Jeff) assigns reviews to the reviewers.

Anyway, props to Jeff for not giving into advertisers, even if that meant he lost his job for doing so. I have a lot of respect for him now.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3916d ago

I never really liked Jeff Gerstmann but, if this is true and he did get canned for this reason, I feel pretty bad for him.

Couldn't the executives at Gamespot or CNET kind of had a talk with Jeff and the other editors behind closed doors and just said 'Hey cool it with the negative reviews. Some of these companies are giving us a lot of ad revenue.'?

If this is true, it sucks Jeff was made an example of. To me, its not really about GS the website, its how the situation was handled managerially.

But we don't know the whole story. Maybe the exec's at CNET DID ask Jeff to edit his review and he just said 'Fvck you' and they said 'Bye, you're fired.'

AddisonW3916d ago

Thank god that loser Gerstmann got his ass fired.

Talentless little punks with big mouths like Gerstmann are what has ruined game reviews and turned them into the total joke they are to gamers this generation.

Sayonara Gerstmann you turd on the shoe of the gaming world. The gaming world is slightly better place without you.

Itachi3916d ago

how about

He was the skid mark on the underpants of society

Ben stiller Dodge ball

Gamespot-equals-EGM3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

The video review is still up, man Gershmann is ultra-harsh in his video review. Enjoy n4g users!

On Youtube:

marinelife93916d ago

That does give you a little bit more of a glimpse into how review scores are determined.

BrianC62343916d ago

Bob - Regarding Jeff Gerstman, back when Aaron Thomas did his hrrible review of Ratchet & Clank Future I searched's site for titles. I don't remember Gerstman's actual title but it was something that would have him in charge of all the reviewers. I believe he was in charge of all reviews.

SlappyMcTaint3915d ago

I say, fire them all and start over with new, fresh people who have signed a contract that binds them to criminal charges for taking money or bribes of any kind taht sways a review-bias from game companies and console makers.

When "same old gameplay" is rewarded on one console and "too many things to do" is dinged for another, there is something way the fcuk wrong!!!

I'm sure M$ will hire them since they suck on the M$ shlong anyway...

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toughNAME3916d ago

no more more Microsoft pay cheques

toughNAME3916d ago

haha nono im kidding

I still have my common sense

unlimited3916d ago

i hope somebody in 1up get fired for review because they seem to riding on microsoft double balls..

Mr_Kuwabara3916d ago

Oh so this was the bastard that gave Zelda: Twilight Princess a 8.8.....

Karma is a b!tch eh Jeffy?!

ktchong3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Boycott Eidos, Kane & Lynch, and all their future games.

Seriously, Jeff Gerstmann is one harsh reviewer. He gave BioShock like a 9.

ThichQuangDuck3916d ago

I would join you in that boycott if eidos didnt make hitman or freedom fighters 2 otherwise have fun with that

Hatchetforce3916d ago

And it was a 9, not a 10. I have never seen a game, any game that was a 10. Because if you really get into any game there is always one thing, at least one that drops it to a 9.9. Then you look harder and it is a 9.8, and so on and so on. These reviewers have become so overblown handing out 10s.

Mass Effect a 10? really? I have been playing it and the framerate is horrendous with graphics that go from nice to butt ugly. Mid level loads are inexcusable. The majority of people I can't speak with, and if you save the game prior to key conversations and then replay the sequences a few times taking different choices you will see the conversation tree is little more than a stump with choices actually winding up going one way or the other. Not the numerous possibilities many were led to beleive. KOTOR was better. But people drop 10s on it like it was the Ark.

All you have to do is look at any game that got a 10 and then consider the money in ads behind that game, the console behind that game and then you will easily see why said game was an unjust, paid for 10.

dragunrising3916d ago

Mass Effect is the best game I have ever played. The story, game play and graphics are all top notch. The immersion makes you feel like your Commander Sheppard from beginning to end. The frame rate you speak of is not perfect but doesn't hinder game play in any way. There is more dialog in game than in many novels; I don't understand your comment about lack of options in conversation. Play through the game as "good" and "bad"...then you can talk. If you are going to judge the game on graphics and "limited" dialog choices alone, I'm not sure you play games for the same reason as other people do.

Hatchetforce3915d ago

MASSive amount of dialog? Yes. Does that make the game better? Framerate stop the game from being playable? No. But it is far from being a 10. Framerate is one of those things that is always noted in reviews yet is something people like those idiots from 1up seem to have conveniently forgotten once they had been wined, dined, and basically bought off.

I am not saying ME isn't good but I am saying that tiles like it and Bioshock are not 10s. Remember, 10 is perfect. ABSOLUTELY perfect. Not one, not one single issue or thing that could not have been improved.

nobizlikesnowbiz3915d ago

Has there ever been a 'perfect' game?

To me a 10 isn't a perfect game, but a must-own game.

Hatchetforce3915d ago

First of all a must own game is unique to everyone. How can a score decide for you, a unique individual what is must own? Would you be dumb enough to let a score decide for you what is a must own?

Great titles are those that rank above the 75% mark. Or at least that used to be the case. Not anymore in this land of obese ratings. Scores have become so over inflated that they are now continually suspect and impossible to utilize as any sort of yardstick. I do like Shacknews because they review a game but no rating, percentage, stars or any other scoring system is utilized.

In the end, the best review system is the rental. For a mere pittance you can be an individual, exercise your own brain for a change, and truly decide which games are turds and which are a must own masterpiece.

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pizzavideogames3916d ago

If this is true, I'll be staying away from Gamespot and Cnet from now on.