Spike's VGA: We Pick The Winners

"Its almost that time of year. No not Christmas, but the VGA awards on Spike TV. The Video Game Awards will be live on 12/10/11. If you check out their site you can see the nominees for each category. So if we were to pick the winners for this year. This is how it would unfold."

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NukaCola2289d ago

Interesting choices. I would of picked something different for 360 GOTY though.

What date is the cutoff for the VGAs? Why no Skyrim or Zelda?

TooSecret2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Zelda and Skyrim were both nominated for GOTY, but most of us had not played Skyward Sword yet and Skyrim just didn't resonate as well with some of us. If you check out our review on it you'll see some of the things we didn't like. It's all subjective of course, and most are extremely good games so picking winners was proving to be quite difficult this year.

Also the cutoff must be pretty close considering Zelda got in.

mandf2288d ago

I'm let down by Zelda so far. The controls are wonky and the graphics are a major step back from Twilight Princess. Before someone says I'm a hater, my favorite game of all time is Zelda on Nes. I have bought and played Zelda day 1 on every single release. The gamecube has games that look better than this game. I'm horrified at the look of the game so far. I just bought another WII and motion plus today only to be disappointed so far. I think a lot of web sites know this isn't goty even with the metacritic ranking. I wish they would let us use the classic controller. I'm about 5 hours in and hoping it gets better. I'm not hating just disappointed. Any other long time Zelda fans disappointed?

slayorofgods2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Uncharted 3 was also considered rpg game of the year ahead of skyrim and zelda. Ultimately they decided on another ps3 exclusive since that had the most similarities with U3.

Not much love for Skyrim at all.

fei-hung2288d ago

Same here, it is a sad thing to see a multiplat game win 360 GOTY considering you had GeoW3 and Forza 4 released in time to be nominated.

Looks like UC3 will be cleaning up at the awards again this year.

Although I am enjoying Batman (not completed it yet), UC3's experience is just mind blowing and unmatched. There simply isn't another game out there that can deliver half the intensity that UC3 does.

Drake1172288d ago

This is just the opinions of some small sight lol. Uncharted 3 will prob not win the actual goty for them or for most sites. UC3 was good but this was an amazing year. Many games rate much higher on metacritic.

DebateMaster2287d ago


u think meta has anything to do with goty?

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stonecold32288d ago

uncharted 3 or lbp2 for goty for me 2011?

Prcko2288d ago

we all know that UC3 wins this year!!!
game is just awesome!!!

TheBlackMask2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I know Uncharted is listed more then enough (which it deserves) but I would of even picked NaughtyDog as best studio....all that hard work they put into the game, hell they even go the extra mile to do motion capture which takes an entire year, plus they even did a sand setting on purpose because sand particles were the hardest thing to do, that my friends is pure dedication.

I would love to see Nolan win voice actor, back in 2009 he lost to Jack Black (...I mean really, funny how Jack was AT the VGAs at the time) although I hope Stephen Merchant dosen't win...he was amazing as Wheatly BUT I will get the feeling he has won because he's more well known like Jack Black was, AND like how Neil Patrick Harris won (who was also hosting the VGAs......a coincidence, I think not)

Even though Ellen Mclain will win best female voice actreses I would love to see Emily Rose win aswell. Elena Fisher is the best female video game character created this gen, she's not a brute soldier, a whinny b*tch, a damsel in distress or even a bland boring character....I mean she has just developed in each game gone by, even her cameo in U3. She learnt how to shoot, climb, work things out like Drake, it's amazing. :)

HappyTrigger2288d ago

Naughty Dog are definitely a great studio. But we shouldn't single out other studios who might have put in a lot of work to develop their games. Motion Capture isn't something that makes a studio stand out, mostly all developers do it!

Every developer put their hearts and souls into the games they make. All studios win in my opinion.

TheBlackMask2288d ago

Mostley all developers do motion, not the way ND do it, Nolan and Amy Henning have even said in interviews they would like to see more studios do this. They might do bits here and there but they never got the full extra mile to do a game full of cutscenes acted out in every single way like ND do.

Every IW does this with MW3, I highly doubt it.

Biggest2288d ago

I agree with the Elena shout out. She is an awesome character. She doesn't whine, flirt, or fake butch. Just an all around cool chick that wants to do what is needed.

HappyTrigger2287d ago

Actually, if you look at the developer diaries of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you'll see that they actually have the voice actors do the motion capture.

Look, I'm not gonna argue with you here. Naughty is a great studio. I'll just leave it at that.

Shackdaddy8362288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I think Skyrim or Zelda should be GOTY instead of Uncharted....

...I still think Uncharted can be PS3 GOTY and maybe graphics.

...I'm gonna get flamed now :\

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