EndWar Exclusive - "attention paid to the calibre of ammunition"

Gameplayer has gone live with 8 exclusive new screenshots and stacks of fresh information for Tom Clancy's EndWar. It goes in-depth on the weaponry and infantry you will take control of in the game.

"Experience in Iraq and Afghanistan has demonstrated that the soldiers of today are crack shots, yet their enemies, often high on drugs, are more resilient to the small size of the standard NATO rifle bullet."

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Dr Pepper3826d ago

Why do some sites say the game is being released for PC? This game is a console (360,PS3) exclusive. Quote from games radar:

"Interestingly, EndWar is a console-only game. And the game's director - Michael de Plater, formerly of Creative Assembly and Total War fame - reckons it's necessary to "ban any reference to PC" in order to make the real RTS that consoles have never had before."

Just because it's an RTS doesn't mean it will hit PC.

Anyways, 2008 will be great. I have EndWar, Halo Wars and World in Conflict to look forward to. That should be enough RTS action for one year (considering all of the other games coming out).

candystop3826d ago

I thought this game was 360 exclusive according to ubisoft!

games4fun3826d ago

those screenshots did nothing to help me decide whether or not to get this game, i want some onscreen controls or a video of someone controlling them, i guess im asking for too much too soon.

good to see someone taking a shot at rts gaming on consoles.

deadpreacher3826d ago

Man so far i just love this game and can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank God World in Conflict comes out soon to tie me over until this comes around!

HeartlesskizZ3826d ago

not interesting in more shooters. im happy with COD4 but ill sure get Haze sometime nextyear

Transit3826d ago

^^----The game is not a shooter it is an RTS