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Would Microsoft or Sony Benefit From Having This MMORPG On Their Consoles?

GizmoFusion.com Writes: When someone brings up the term “MMORPG” whats the first title that comes to mind? WoW of course. Its fair to say that both Microsoft and Sony would both love to bring WoW or anything else Blizzard can dream up to their respective consoles, but until that happens, what about the multitude of other MMORPG’s out there?

League of Legends is quite possible the most underrated MMORPG of them all. With 32 million registered players you can say they know a thing or two about bringing in the crowd and keeping them entertained. Best of all, the game is free. Could MS or Sony benefit if they can bring LoL, or any other MMO, to their console? What do you think? (League of Legends, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

SPARDA_426  +   1383d ago
If anything it will be on ps3, because thats where the MMO's are.
killerhog  +   1382d ago
We already have DCU:O.

I retract my previous comment as I confused LoL with another game
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SPARDA_426  +   1382d ago
Yea i know we have DCU but hey why stick with one when you can have two. And its called Heroe not Herod.
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SonyNGP  +   1383d ago

Lol. This is LoL we're talking about!
wwm0nkey  +   1383d ago
LoL is not a MMORPG? Its a MOBA game.

Also as much as I love LoL it would not work well with a controller, also I've been playing the DoTA2 beta and so far I can see myself putting more time into that than LoL
Voxelman  +   1382d ago
I don't get why people keep calling LoL an MMO I mean it's no more an MMO than Call of Duty.

And to be honest I can't see LoL or DOTA 2 working on consoles at all in their current state. The games are designed for mouse and keyboard and I can't see many of the mechanics working on a pad. Especially champions with skill shots, aiming them would be far to slow on a pad. Even basics like last hitting minions and positioning would be a pain.

A console MOBA could be made but it would have to be designed for consoles.
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wwm0nkey  +   1382d ago
Well there is actually a console TPS MOBA game, Monday Night Combat, but sadly due to lack of console support the game is very unbalanced online.

Would not mind seeing a top down MOBA game make its way to console but like you said it needs to be designed for the consoles in mind.
Abriael  +   1382d ago
fail article is fail :D If one doesn't know what kind of game LoL is, he better not write about it... actually, he better not write on a gaming site at all.
Seventh_Blood_Reborn  +   1382d ago
Many gamers around the world have played for hundreds of hours FPSs online, so MMOs should work very well on consoles.
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JsonHenry  +   1382d ago
Yes, and probably more so on the PS3 if they allowed keyboard and mouse support.
shikamaroooo  +   1382d ago
I would prefer hon or dota over lol
StrongMan  +   1382d ago
More money to play online on Xbox? No thanks.
_LarZen_  +   1382d ago
If that is a mmorpg im the president of the United States.
Shackdaddy836  +   1382d ago
It might work if all you did was aoe spells but almost all characters in LoL have single-target spells which are extremely important and require point-and-click.
JohnApocalypse  +   1382d ago
I would like to see free to play games like Tribes Accend to be tested out on XBL
Hicken  +   1382d ago
Free? XBL? How in the world did you manage to put both of those in the same sentence and not simultaneously divide by zero?
TopDudeMan  +   1382d ago
Hmmm, I don't know if I'd be interested in an mmo.
supremacy  +   1382d ago
Well Sony has a better shot at this than ms, and the reason is Sony has SoE and have a more open network than MS does.

Besides the better MMOS ive heard about are subscribtion based, now idk how well that resonates with console gamers. Pc gamers are just used to these types of systems being part of the experience.

Sony has the tools, teams and creativity to make it happen so as long as they come up with a simple one solves all type solution like say... Those with a psn+ account play for free as free play mmos are part of the sign-up incentives to the service.

Those without psn+ however would have to pay a monthly fee to join their friends. I think that would make sense and fare well with many gamers provided they keep bringing out the mmos.

Psn, make a section on the store just for these type of games and keep bringing the games with a good mixture of first, 2nd and 3rd party mmos.

I mean...Sony has everyquest, DC universe online, a cancelled game called agency and a deal they with ncsoft they seem not to talk about these days.

Then who knows eve online can finally cross platforms and come to the psn, provided Sony takes a hit witn psn+ and shares the will with those publishing partners. That might even boost the number of psn+ accounts and in turn persuade activision/blizzard to possibly consider bringing their mmos to psn as well.

It all has to start with a central platform, a gateway if you will.
Krew_92  +   1382d ago
I remember when this game wasn't so popular. Ever since it won the Golden Joystick Awards it's been getting much attention.

Runescape has won the Golden Joystick Award twice in the past years, and has never gotten this much attention on N4G I noticed. I'm not saying LoL is not deserving, It's just I guess It's pure hype at the moment.

In my opinion.
wwm0nkey  +   1382d ago
No LoL is actually fun where as there are much better F2P MMOs than Rune Scape.

D&D Online is an example of a much better F2P MMO than RuneScape.
Krew_92  +   1382d ago
LoL won this year because of the rather crap job that Jagex did. I'm sure RuneScape will win next year, now that cheating has been mostly eliminated from the game. I even voted for LoL because, at the time, it was a better game. It still is very good, but I doubt LoL will win next year.

Again this is only my opinion.
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lMHl  +   1382d ago
playing wow on my ps3 would be balls deep
GraveLord  +   1382d ago
Who wouldn't?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1382d ago
Meh, not really imo.

If you want MMORPG games than PC is where its at. And no you don't need some $1000 rig to play games on PC.

BTW, LoL is no MMORPG. I lol'd at that.

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