Uncharted 3 Interview: Music, Firefly And Uncharted Movie - Part 2

Gaming Blend "If you were itching for more info from the first part of the Greg Edmonson interview, the composer of Uncharted 3, then you can catch the rest of the detailed interview right here. Find out about Greg’s thoughts on the Uncharted movie, as well as influences from Firefly and how Nathan Fillion's Mal Reynolds and Nathan Drake share a vital commonality in their character development."

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bobrea2251d ago

Finally played this game. Beat it in two sittings becaus eI borrowed it froma friend and they want it back.. Holy shit, it rules. Except the last level fighting those crazy dudes, was a bit ridiculous on hard mode.

fei-hung2251d ago

*********** SPOILERS **************

Fighting the Djinn was messed up. By far the most difficult enemies in the series. Don't know why, but I did feel somewhat dissapointed with the ending though as it lacked a boss fight. With Djinn's in the game, they could have made the end far more exciting than what it is.

Tyre2251d ago

I totally understand why he mentions Firefly and Uncharted in relation to the characters, good to read that the composer of the music for the Uncharted series thinks they both have a similar beating heart at their cores...the actors/artists/producers/devel opers of both series have a similar passion and way of creating. Finally some acknowledgement by an artist who is actually involved.