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There has been a divide in the industry as of late, and it's not between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. This particular divide resides in what insiders consider two markets, the Japanese market and the Western market. Locating a direct cause for this divide is fairly difficult.

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NYC_Gamer2374d ago

i enjoy more western titles but that is just my taste

2374d ago
Jappy-k72374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

East "JAPAN" will always rule they are the masters of this industry!

MGS4 > any uncharted game
Bayonetta > any God of War game
Dark Souls > Skyrim "still a great game thu"
RE5 > Gears of War games
Kojima Productions > ND
ATLUS > Bioware
Capcom > Ubisoft
Team ICO > thatgamecompany
I always prefer anything Japanese, they are all different and unique.
Japan is simply...the best at EVERYTHING!

just my opinion... :)

@ _Aarix_

agreed, I absolutely love Lost Odyssey one of the best games this gen!

_Aarix_2374d ago

Why no love for lost odyssey? Easily the best traditional jrpg this gen.