The System Selling Games

Tech specs and fancy motion controls are great, but everyone knows the games sell the console.

Consoles and PCs feature snazzy graphics cards and a whole lot of horsepower under their plastic shells, but you don't buy a Wii to marvel at its white iPod-like exterior. It's the games that make it worth plunking down $200-$500 for the hardware. This guide by GameDaily lets you know which games will make that price of entry to video games a little more bearable.

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MK_Red3949d ago

Funny how UT3 and World in Conflict are listed for PC best sellers and yet they are both coming to consoles. (WiC to 360, UT3 to both PS3 and 360)

Odion3949d ago

but their major fanbase are on PC

MK_Red3949d ago

True but since I haven't updated my PC in ages, I have to go with console versions of both WiC and UT3.

season0073949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

although there are only 3 games listed for PS3, it shows how diverse the games are and it is what leads me to believe PS3 is the best console for me...I hope it will do better next year as well

(busy playing EOJ everyday..)

edit: i am just saying how it suits me and i got disagrees HAHA...=)

@3.1 so you can conclude that the 3 games are of the same shooter types okie.......shooter types, i guess any game comes with a character use a gun is considered to be shooter then

Also, i am not suggesting i am agreeing with the list, because obviously there are also other games that are fun and of different genres that attract gamers (and that the authors ignore)

drewdrakes3949d ago

All 3 of those are shooter types. Thats not a bad thing, theyre all different in their own way. The only games I wasnt interested in were the PC games. So looks like i may have to pick up a PS3 after all :)

iNcRiMiNaTi3949d ago

but after buying the game it wasnt the game to destroy them all. it did live up to the hype in terms of sales but the game itself felt kinda disappointing. $130 spent for a game and a helmet -_-. im playing CoD4 more than h3. i havent even touched halo 3 since cod4 came out

nanometric3949d ago

Well thats how it goes with halo, everyone just wanted to "finish the fight" so they bought it, they mostly didn't care for bad or good reviews, they just wanted to see the epilogue. Like yesterday I went to Resident Evil: Extinction, I knew the movie wasn't too good, but I just wanted to see end of the trilogy, cuz I saw the first two parts. I liked the first one, the secound one was good and the third one ok... huh, almost as Halo, imo :D

tony3948d ago

i can see why.cod4 rules.

wiizy3949d ago

its only one with something new.. super mario galaxy for wii.

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