Top 6 Amusing Skyrim Game Fails

GR - "We've already established in a previous post that Skyrim is a game that's full of easter eggs and other assorted goodies, but like the other Elder Scrolls games—Oblivion and Morrowind—before it Skyrim offers infinite opportunities for emergent moments that arise from simply playing the game."

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Jio2403d ago

The Rocking Horse was my favorite, wish that happened to me :C

Tuxedo_Mask2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

*possible minor spoilers?*

Last night I made a new rogue based character and killed the spider in Bleak Falls Barrow using arrows while hiding in the previous room. After he died, he proceeded to fall through the floor. I thought I wouldn't be able to get the loot and retrieve my arrows from him, but suddenly, he fell from the ceiling and landed with a thud right in front of me.

ZBlacktt2402d ago

Game has funny moments alright. But aside from common things that all games face. This game is beyond epic on the greater scale of video games. With so much depth, game longevity, creation, environment scale with great detail. This is your game of the year 2011. This game is keeping SO many gamers very busy right now. Many of us are putting in long hours and loving every minute of it.

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