Nintendo Gamecube 10th Anniversary: 10 Games for 10 Years - LAG

LAG - "It has been ten years since the launch of the Nintendo Gamecube and even though it may not of been the most remembered or the most revolutionary console ever made, it is still one of my favorites since this console has some of the best games around. Since this is the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo Gamecube, I thought I would make a general list of some best games (and some of my favorites) avaliable for the Gamecube. These games in the list will be anything from exuclsive Nintendo titles to ported and 3rd party games."

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jacksonmichael2251d ago

I played and liked almost all of them... I've never played an MGS and Skies of Arcadia: Legends is still in my backlog. I guess I need more spare time...