Pokemon Announcement Likely For Jump Festa

Andriasang writes, "The latest issue of Jump has a blurb for the upcoming event which says 'Pokemon makes first appearance at JF!! Surprising information on the show floor?'"

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SPARDA_4262437d ago

Could Pokemon Grey be announced?

TheBlackMask2437d ago

Thats what I've been waiting for....the reason I never bought Black and White......long time to wait I know but still....

SPARDA_4262437d ago

Yea same here, and if this is specifically for the 3ds then i know what im getting :D

theonlylolking2437d ago

I wish they would make a pkmon MMORPG that is for the PC and is like the DS games.

aviator1892437d ago

The first pokemon game for the 3ds?!
Now, that'd be awesome.

Majin-vegeta2437d ago

Pokemon yellow remake that is all.

Optical_Matrix2437d ago

Pokemon Grey please. Domain was registered a couple of months ago so it should happen.

Pikajew2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Pokemon MMO on the Wii U and PC hopefully

Khordchange2437d ago

we can only dream my friend

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The story is too old to be commented.