Top 6 Insane Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kills

GR - "Some of the best skill-shots come from knife-throwing and knife kills in general, which tend to require a bit more skill and luck."

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-Alpha2378d ago

Fun to do, but I wouldn't consider them skillful. Just imagine how many failed knives they throw before they get lucky with one of these.

Commander_TK2378d ago

Neve Campbell!!!! Great series.

Spitfire_Riggz2377d ago

Yeah that guy at number 5 was 8-25?

younglj012378d ago

Lol I would be pissed if I was some of those 2 worst ways was tha knife fell of tha helicopter & tha one that bounced off tha ground and killed that rank 10 player.

ambientFLIER2378d ago

What language did you just speak in?

younglj012378d ago

I dont know you tell me....

Fylus2378d ago

I believe he is referring to the way you spell "the". In which case, I agree with him. Slang is the most irritating thing about speech. Lack of proper grammer is one thing, but using "tha" instead of "the" is just flat out annoying.

cyborg69712378d ago Show
MRMagoo1232377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

You know the E key is a lot closer to TH than the A key so i really cant understand anyone doing that either, from my personal experience it is usually kids below the age of 18 that replace the word the with tha maybe its the in thing to do at school perhaps.

Hicken2377d ago

Proper grammar doesn't really exist. There's a set of "standardized" rules, but that in no way invalidates any other set of rules used even within the same language.

Linguistics is your friend.

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Trainz2377d ago

What the f*ck does that mean?

Fylus2378d ago

...granted it doesn't exactly take skill when it comes to Call of Duty... but hey, I admit, these were pretty awesome.

Ven10002378d ago

The best one was clearly the ricochet off the gunship. The one with the tactical knife was lame. It's been done a many times before. Especially in MW2.

PhantomT14122378d ago

It just shows how ridiculous the game is -_-'
The 6th one was skillful though, the only one I could admire.

KaBaW2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I disagree.. I think the only one that is 'skillful' would be the 2nd one; maybe 1st?

PhantomT14122377d ago

By "6th", I meant the one on the 6th page (so it must be the 5th video I think).

Throwing the knife in the air while hoping for someone to catch it with the eye is not skill, that's luck. I agree it's funny and insane but skill is when you do it purposely, like the guy who was reactive enough to quickly throw his knife.

KaBaW2377d ago

So, the 5th video, would be the same as what I said; the "#2 video?"

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.. It's just all luck, or even some set up.
That's what I'm saying. Just randomly throwing without seeing; isn't skill.

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The story is too old to be commented.