G4 Reviews Hellgate: London - 2/5

G4 have taken their time reviewing Hellgate: London, adding it to their page about a month after release. Yet their review seems to be done on the first version of the game, if you are to believe the experiences of the reviewer. They also feature a video review.

"It's hard to review a game like Hellgate: London. The true, spiritual successor to Diablo II – arguably the greatest action RPG ever to grace the PC – by the team that could and should make it great…this game has some crazy expectations to live up to. On one hand, you want to cut the game and the team a bit of slack because there's no possible way they can succeed in every area. On the other hand, you know they created greatness once, so why can't they do it again? Thus is the conundrum of the Hellgate reviewer."

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Leord3946d ago

Is it just me, or does 2/5 seem a bit low?

I know the game lacks polish still, but it isn't a 4/10, is it?!

Leord3946d ago

Ya, my bad, was going to fix it, but the article was approved before I had the time =P

TheIneffableBob3492d ago

No, I was making fun of G4. Because they suck.

Jinxstar3946d ago

Seriously thats worse then most reviews for Lair.... 4/10... I have yet to play it. is it that bad?

Leord3946d ago

By my account, definitely not. It is a killer to play if you like this "new" genre, but it does have its drawbacks, such as the odd bugg that really should have been fixed pre-release and GUI details.