Top 10 Must Have Graphical Enhancements Modifications For Skyrim

Kartik writes: "Skyrim on the PC is the most definitive version of the game. Why? One word – mods. User generated content can be a really good thing, as we’ve seen from plenty of PC games out there which have been transformed for the better by the community."

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lMHl2253d ago

that looks balls deep

TheOwnmaster2253d ago

I thought the game looked amazing as is, that fxaa injector makes it look like someone just cranked up the color settings to overkill. The no more blockly faces is pretty useful though.

STONEY42252d ago

You can tweak the settings as you like with the FXAA injector. I don't really like the default desaturated colors, I prefer something similar to Oblivion.

Zanarkand2253d ago

Very helpful stuff with visuals, just began playing it with these mods. I think i like to have it no other way. Yep, yep.