PCGamer - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive preview

Since shortly after its first beta release back in 1999, this tactical, team-based Half-Life mod has dominated the competitive firstperson shooter scene, while countless hours of community yelling have made it a tight, balanced experience. A brief foray onto consoles in 2003 failed to expand the audience away from its PC home, so why are Valve attempting to create what they’re calling the ‘definitive’ version of a game that people like just fine as it is?

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ddurand12436d ago

me and my friends thoroughly enjoyed counterstrike on the original Xbox. Its actually the game that made me buy an xbox in the first place.

looking forward to playing on the PS3 this time around. my laptop cannot run CSS well enough to enjoy, unfortunately.

Dazel2436d ago

Honestly can't see the console crowd liking this, which was what happened to the xbox version. I can't wait, no auto aim quick scoping noobs!