40° Have We Become Spoiled in Modern Games by the Internet?

John Colaw writes; "As a child there were a handful of sites that would collect codes and secrets for video-games. Many of these, however, were unreliable — and this was in the day of 56k using a shared family computer (if you were lucky enough to even have that, more than likely you would have to use one at school or a library). These days most of us have the internet available to us 24/7, and this has changed gaming drastically. However, has it changed it for the worse?"

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Trainz2402d ago

Back in the ps2 days I never had an internet connection and I would just pick up games every so often at complete random judging by how the cover looked lol.
It was easier back then but now there is like 10+ games that I want and I buy a game like every few months :/

vortis2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

@Trainz, PS2 days were about the same as now and there were a ton more retail games out for the PS2 than there are for the Xbox 360 or PS3, unless you count all the throwaway digital titles dumped on gamers.

On topic: I don't think gamers are spoiled but many have become conscious. The forum boards during the Xbox/Gamecube/PS2 era weren't littered with gamers wondering why their bung-hole was sore from the corporate raping. Instead, people were discussing cool stuff and fun stuff about games.

Accessibility from the net hasn't really changed any of that but the fact that games (with the exception of stuff like Dark Souls and Skyrim) have become increasingly simplified gives people a reason to be less interested. On average it takes me about 10 - 20 hours to beat just about every Western game (RPG, FPS, etc.,) out there and sometimes it's for better and for worse.

Personally, I just find we seem to be getting less for more money, and coupled with all the overly-easily access to information on these titles it can give us gamers a sense like there's little else to discover on our own.