Review – Minecraft: Pocket Edition - writes - "As a huge fan of the wildly popular PC title, Minecraft, I really wanted this to be good. When I paid my $7 for a mere 2.9MB download of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the iTunes App Store, I was hoping the game I would be getting would be well worth my money. The PC version certainly has been, after all. But as soon as I started playing, I knew I’d made a huge mistake."

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Newsman2348d ago

Kills the argument for the death of consoles and PC's

LettingGo2347d ago

Lol. You obviously haven't played it on an Xperia Play. It runs like a dream on here.

The_Game21x2347d ago

Nope. My experience comes from the iOS and generic Android versions. If it runs well on the Xperia Play, that's great, but I wrote my review for the majority, who will undoubtedly play this in much larger numbers across iOS and Android devices that aren't the Xperia Play.

LettingGo2346d ago

Yes. That's why I responded how I did.