The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Proper User Interface for the PC

DSOGaming writes: "It’s ironic as earlier today we said that we wouldn’t post more mods about Skyrim – in daily basis – but here is what most PC gamers have been waiting for. Yeap, that’s a proper PC UI. Modder Roltak released yesterday his QD Inventory, an interface mod that displays the inventory in a table instead of the usual style, thus improving its usability. This is clearly a must-have mod for every PC gamer that wants to enjoy Skyrim."

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Letros2403d ago

I'm amazed Bethesda couldn't come up with something so practical as this, someone there needs to be fired.

decrypt2403d ago

Good decisoin i havent played it yet. Ill play the game once mods are done doing the devs finishing work and i dont have to pay consolish price of 60usd.

Iroquois_Pliskin2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Really, something is wrong when the costumer fixes your product for a multi-millionaire studio like the folks at Bethesda.

kaveti66162402d ago

Iroquis, it's not uncommon at all. The developer has a certain amount of time to make the game and a certain amount of time to test the game. Bethesda's games are usually large in scope so it should be understandable why they would make mistakes that seem foolish in hindsight. They gave the PC community the modding tools because they knew that the community would play the game for several more hours than Bethesda would have to test it, and the PC community would be able to figure out what needs to be changed or improved.

And all of this complaining continues to happen despite all the successful mods that have been released to the public within the last 9 days.

I guess it's mostly the console gamers who can't benefit from the modding community.

inveni02402d ago

I have Skyrim on PC, but I use a controller, so I find the current interface to work quite well. It's even better when I clear my inventory of unnecessary items.

MAJ0R2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

more than just fire, I'd like to slap the people responsible for this POS console port

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Angrymorgan2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

No matter what is made, there is always room for improvement.
So I wouldn't say Bethesda didn't do a proper job, it's a huge improvement over oblivions ui anyway.
Just wish I could mod my ps3 version :(

Canary2403d ago

I wouldn't call it a huge improvement. It's a bit cleaner, that's for sure, but it's basically the same thing split into two menus instead of one, with the "paper doll" aspect removed--something that I, for one, really liked.

reynod2403d ago

Unfortunately there wont be much games on console which do allow mods. Infact i am sure there are hardly 1% games on consoles that support mods, the only i can think of is UT3 out of 500 or so games released on the PS3. Hence the percentage would be .2% or so.

The reason why console companies dont allow mods is because mods give the user to create their own content which compromises DLC sales. Hence being companies they dont want to lose out on the chance to make that money, how else would they sell silly DLCs such as armor, new weapons etc or even maps.

Heartnet2402d ago

Its pratical but it looks hella messy and untidy :) thats the reason :) all about simplicity and design with the Gui,.

Kick The Ass2403d ago

Bethesda should enroll the modding community on their paylist. They do a great themselves, but the community really perfects their rough diamond :)

RedDead2403d ago

But they do it for free already hehe

john22403d ago

As 2late said, it's not out yet. But damn, I'm also looking forward to that too (bet all of us are looking forward to it, lol :D )

pr0digyZA2403d ago

Thats one ill download.

kevnb2403d ago

I really like that one, it would work great for gamepads too. The one they have isnt real great for anything.

despair2403d ago

oh when do we get that one, like that alot.

ThatEnglishDude2403d ago

Whats the name of this upcoming mod and where did you find the screenshot?

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kevnb2403d ago

I didnt mind the one they had, but this looks better. I find the original ui really annoying with a gamepad compared to oblivion, and simply just manageable on pc.

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