Target Game Deals - Nov. 20 - $25 off Nintendo 3DS, free Skyward Sword with Wii

XMNR: Target's pre-Black Friday deals that came out on Sunday, November 20 are quite the looker if you're interested in picking up a Nintendo 3DS or a new Wii to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. That's not all though as the retailer has matched the low $50 price for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure from other stores and is taking $13 off recent games like Batman: Arkham City and WWE 12.

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Skip_Bayless2347d ago

Ignores 3DS and waits for Vita*

user8586212347d ago

ignores ps3 ports and goes for original games* ;)

cyborg69712347d ago

Then you would want to ignore ms not ninty or Sony.

cpayne932347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Which means you will be buying Gravity Daze, escape plan, ruin, and many more titles when you get your Vita. =D

I'm waiting for a revision on the 3ds though, but I will buy one eventually.

LettingGo2347d ago

Ha. Disc Replay is selling Wii's for $50.