Die-Hard COD Player Tries BF3

IP Conflict says: "The Call of Duty (CoD) series and the Battlefield series are both in the same genre but are both very different games. They also attract a lot of elitism and people seem to go out of their way to solely pick one or the other. Just looking at Metacritic users scores for Modern Warfare 3 the latest Call of Duty game reinforces this.

For some reflection we bribed a die-hard Call of Duty player to play Battlefield 3 for a day and noted his opinions as the hours tumbled down."

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The_Infected2131d ago

Which game is better honestly because i'm not to happy with mwf3 and I don't have bf3?

BlmThug2131d ago

BF3 is better. MW3 = Noobs and kids. BF3 = People who can grow facial hair and actually have skill

decrypt2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Depends which platform you play it on. If you play BF3 and MW3 on console the differences are there however its more of a MW2 vs BC2 comparison.

However they pick up the PC version of BF3 then compare it to any version(pc or console) of MW3 then the differences are huge, in terms of gameplay and graphical quality.

Personally i been playing a good amount of BF3 on PC while its a good game, i find i enjoy TF2 alot more, even though thats a 4 year old game.

Heartnet2130d ago

your reply contradicts ur statement :S

GraveLord2130d ago

Weird. I can grow facial hair and I have skill yet I play Modern Warfare 3. Oh and what about girl gamers? They can't grow facial hair. Does that make them kids?

This proves your entire comment wrong.

0neShot2130d ago

To put it simply, BlmThug is nothing more than a permadouche.

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Trainz2131d ago

Get Skyrim.
Don't ask why just do it.

SkylineR2131d ago

I prefer BF3. I've got both and while I like COD, MW3 is not exactly fresh. It feels like I've been there done that. I'll continue playing Black Ops as at least that feels different.
BF3 is just awesome though. I'm an old BF2 player (no, not Bad Company) and it's a very different and unique type of multiplayer. If you're tossing up between either, my opinion is go with BF3.

Yomaster2131d ago

My thoughts exactly. BF3 is a lot more refreshing to play than MW3, IMHO.

@Marcus_Fenix: If you aren't satisfied by MW3, definitely give BF3 a try. I still can't put it down after logging 70+ multiplayer hours!

wsoutlaw872131d ago

If your not happy with MW3 and you want a shooter you will probably be refreshed with BF3, its a great game. There are some good black friday deals coming up for it too.

ZippyZapper2131d ago

Both suck play something else

ZippyZapper2130d ago

Rainbow Six 1&2, Frontlines, Homefront, BF2 MC, or Flashpoint are all better IMO.

Hagaf222130d ago

zippy, you are the only person who would ever recommend flashpoint, homefront, or frontlines. those are 3 of the worst games to recommend. the vegas games were good, but old and empty.

@fenix, if you like mw but want something alittle fresher, that involves strategy and teamwork, bf3 is the way to go. its a fantastic game.

pedo_across-the-road2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

PS3: Killzone & Resistance
XBOX 360: Gears of war & Halo

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Avernus2130d ago

I was a hardcore COD player, fanboy if you wish, but I also played BFBC2 when it came out. Loved it, and it made me realize there are better FPS out there.

BF3 has me more addicted to it than any other FPS. If you're new to the series, it takes a while to get good, but stick with it, and it's a rewarding feeling when you do get a good score.

eak32130d ago

Same here, I was hard core MW and MW2 player and I stumbled on Bad Company 2 entirely by accident and was hooked. BF3 is just simply awesome.

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Majin-vegeta2131d ago

I hate retards who don't give ammo or health packs when i need them so i message them saying i need ammo or health [email protected]$$.

Of course more people are gonna prefer cod cuz on there you don't have to work for your kills.

The_Infected2131d ago

I know i'm over the spawning in mwf3 since it spawns you right beside of someone over and over. I just think the game is too fake. Yes it's fun sometimes but that's about it.

2pacalypsenow2131d ago

BF3 spawns are just as bad if not worst in TMD

Optical_Matrix2131d ago

The BF3 TDM spawns are the WORST I've ever seen in a game. You can die 10 times before getting a kills just because you get spawned in the most stupid of places. I refuse to go near the mode now. All about Conquest and Rush.

EastBayPunk2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

If you're playing TDM in BF3 you're missing the whole experience that the game is designed to give.. TDM is lame

ECM0NEY2131d ago

People play TDM in BF3? Learn something new everyday!

Yomaster2131d ago

Yeah, TDM's spawns are pretty messy, and for some reason, my reticule always disappears whenever I play that mode. :-\

Try Squad Deathmatch, it's a little more balanced and less hectic. Rush is still where it's at for BF3, though. I've never played a game so intense, especially when playing with a good squad.

eak32130d ago

BF3 spawn points do leave something to be desired. Many times I have spawned only to catch a knife or someone's emptied magazine before I even realize where the hell I am.

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ECM0NEY2131d ago


You sure your not joining Hardcore servers randomly? The reticle and HUD is removed for HC mode.

one2thr2130d ago

My cross hairs disappear time to time as well, and I never play on Hardcore (Well not right now, trying to level up) and is there any solution to stopping this from happening?
And also my menu screen sometimes shows up way smaller than the in-game screen as if its half the resolution and the only fix that i accidently figured out, is to keep pressing the windows key until it becomes the same resolution as my in-game resolution...... Any reason why this happens?

Yomaster2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Yeah, the game starts with my reticle there, and then it will randomly disappear. Swapping to my pistol and back will temporarily solve the problem, but it always disappears again.

It only happens in TDM. Must be a bug. I've seen a few posts about it on EA's BF3 forums. :-\

@one2thr: Sorry, I play on the 360...I wouldn't know much about bugs with the PC version...

franko2131d ago

Tdm in bf3? Was there a playlist update?

Yomaster2131d ago

It's always been in BF3 for me, but it wasn't in any of the previous Battlefields I've played on console. Maybe PC is different. Squad Deathmatch was implemented in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, though.

Hicken2131d ago

Interesting progression, if real. Authentic enough, in any case.

BaN590DeR2131d ago

"They’ll obviously don’t appreciate my ‘epicness’ so f*ck’em" ,,, what a noob .

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