Top Game Trailers Of 2011

FPSWin: 2011 has been a great year for gaming and technology, we have had so many great games released this year however before a game is released, trailers are revealed to hype up the game. These are the trailers we thought were amazing this year.

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Criminal2348d ago

Dead Island is my pick.

majiebeast2348d ago

Almost whole list is CG trailers which is just smoke and mirrors.

ironfist922348d ago

Which is why this is a list of top game TRAILERS, regardless of whether they are reflective of video games.

ironfist922348d ago

I love EVERY Assassin's Creed trailer which comes out, especially the CGI ones. But IMO, this year the best is Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut trailer.

Truly amazing.