Namco provides another update regarding the upcoming patch for Dark Souls

Namco Bandai Games’ Rich Bantegui has provided several updates (which version they are currently working on and what fixes are expected) for the upcoming patch of Dark Souls.

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ThanatosDMC2252d ago

Kinda late there. Too many great games came out. Still wish they fixed the online part of the game.

SockeyBoy2252d ago

Doesn't mean no one is playing it, or going to just ditch the game. Hell i'm still playing it, and i'm still seeing player ghosts around the world.

D3mons0ul2250d ago

What? I've been taking a break from Dark Souls in anticipation for the patch. I do intend to continue playing.

What kind of world is it where a new game comes out and you must throw what you were playing before in the trash?

ThanatosDMC2250d ago

Did I say I threw it away?

D3mons0ul2250d ago

I was speaking figuratively.

SweatyFlorida2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Won't be playing DkS until they do so. So Namco better get their act together and work on it day and night to get it out as soon as possible before they lose the chance to keep most of their community playing. Sure some people are still playing without the need of the patch, but more than half in the US/Europe have moved on due to glitchers/bad matchmaking.

Trainz2252d ago

There may be tons of great games out now but that doesn't mean everybody is getting them all.
The last game I bought was LA Noire lol I'm so far behind.
I think I'll pick up infamous 2 next.

TardcoreGamer2252d ago

Leave it to Examiner to keep us up to date with the most vague info available!