Home Closed Beta for PS3 - Walkthrough Videos

"The following footages are from the Home Closed Beta for PlayStation 3, via the PlayStation Network. Note that this is not the final product of Home, and is only work in progress; a Beta. Also keep in mind that this is all free, as the final product of Home will be. (Version V.0.7.7)"

7 video segments are included here:
• Virtual PSP Walkthrough (2 min 9 sec)
• Character & Clothing Customization Walkthrough (7 min 26 sec)
• Emotes Walkthrough (3 min 17 sec)
• Home Space Walkthrough (4 min 36 sec)
• Home Square Walkthrough (3 min 18 sec)
• Game Space Walkthrough (4 min 1 sec)
• Home Theatre Walkthrough (2 min 17 sec)

The full video, which combines all 7 segments into a single 25-minute footage without commentary, is available at the PlayStation Home page at Veoh via the source link below. New videos are also being added at Veoh. Be sure to check the source for updates and new videos.


Correction: All 8 videos - including the full in depth video walkthrough - are included here. The first video is the full video, followed by the 7 individual video segments.

Full In Depth Video Walkthrough

Virtual PSP Walkthrough

Character & Clothing Customization Walkthrough

Emotes Walkthrough

Home Space Walkthrough

Home Square Walkthrough

Game Space Walkthrough

Home Theatre Walkthrough

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GodofPeace3949d ago

is actually quite impressive. Very Ambitious sony and I applaud. I believe Home is going to work. I can't wait

HarryEtTubMan3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

HOME is going to revolutioniaze online console communitys.. Home will also have years to grow and millions of more poeple to join each year.... craziness! I can't wait

How many pople hcan u fit in these places? Like a hundred? I seriously think poeple are gonna lose their lifes with this. This is gona be sooooo innovation its crazy... this will attract the mainstream A LOT

eagle213949d ago

I love HOME and I can't wait for us to get our hands on it. This is the most impressive virtual environment I have ever seen! And it is a free application for Playstation 3! I think we can all agree on this regardless. This is no time to hate, please congratulate the fact that Sony has delivered on a user friendly environment that will grow in ways we can't imagine over the next few years. The possibilities look endless. Even the checker boards outside are a welcomed touch (I can go on and on about this). Share these videos with friends. Thanks Roundpeg for posting this! Thanks Sony!

eagle213948d ago

it must feel good to be jealous and depressed.

stevenhiggster3948d ago

This looks pretty freekin amazing. I cant wait for this, anyone who dissagrees is a total xbot numb nuts.

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Greysturm3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

That kinds of ruins the inmersion effect.

I really like this from the graphical and detailed part of the system but as anything we need to see it in motion with people interacting, also i wanna see them using the multiplayer game setting.

timmyp533949d ago

I want some details on its released date though.

Daver3949d ago

i agree... it is very ambitious and it looks very cool

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The story is too old to be commented.