Robert Bowling talks about hotfixes patches and ps3 freezing issues

Robert Bowling has taken some time to talk about hotfixes which are updates to the game they can make with out you downloading anything new. He spoke about the current issues on playstation 3 like freezing and framerate being investigated for a solution.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2316d ago

We shouldnt have these problems in the first place.
If there are bugs/glitches before release then delay the
game until they are fixed.
Shouldnt be having connection problems after the
crap PS3 owners put up with on black ops i honestly
thought MW3 would of sorted that out by now.

Noticeably_FAT2316d ago

Boo hoo, seriously, every game has post launch issues, did you complain about all the BF3 issues? or is it simply because this is COD?

Call off the hounds people.

jaosobno2316d ago

And it is because of people like you we keep getting bugged games. People that are simply ok with buggy products because "every game has post launch issues".

We paid for this stuff, and we should get a fully working product! And no, this has nothing to do with BF3, but it has everything to do with basic decency which most developers and publishers seem to lack these days.

Noticeably_FAT2316d ago

Every game has issues, that's why we have patches, even your favorite PS3 exclusives have bugs, the only reason people are flipping out is because it's COD. Get over it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

What do you mean boo hoo?
people work hard to earn their money.
The game costs £40 to buy im sick of oh its okay
because it will get patched.
Thats just not good enough especially
since not everyone is connected to the internet.
What do those guys get for their £40?
a broken game that cant be repaired.
Who brought up battlefield except for you?
this is a problem with alot of games this gen.
Its not just a COD thing .For example skyrim,such an amazing game but wow its so broken first 5 minutes of playing it i had people walking backwards and opening doors i shouldnt be able to enter yet and then the game just froze,its great that theres going to be a patch but it shouldnt of been released so buggy.
I just dont understand why they dont release the games until they have been properly tested.
It just comes down to lazyness and money.

GraveLord2316d ago

WE are not having these issues. Maybe YOU are but WE, the majority, aren't. All these "framerate and freezing" issues have never happened to me. Am I that lucky? Not having any of these connection problems you're mentioning either. Man, you're really unlucky.

My PS3 internet browser on the on the other hand....crashes my PS3.

Codeman4202316d ago

Pretty sad that they still have a broken spawn system through 4 games now. Just go back to the COD4 spawn system and be done with it. that one worked the best and whoever decided to change it should be fired if they havent been already.

kevnb2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

its typical this gen, microsoft lowered the standards and sony has to go along with it. Not to mention virtually every ps3 game is just a lousy port.

Codeman4202316d ago

Agree and disagree at the same time. Yes it is now the standard to patch games after they are relased even if the problems are known. but If the game devs have any love for their game they would fix these issues before they release. yes patch after if something comes up that isnt known like glitches and stuff like that but if the issue is known fix the game before you ship it.

kevnb2316d ago

most these issues never get fixed, same thing happens on 360.

BattleAxe2316d ago

I'm playing Uncharted 3 right now.....doesn't look like Sony has gone along with it.

drsnobby2316d ago

How has MS lowered standards and what does that have to do with the freeze issues for the PS3.

kevnb2316d ago

theres a ton of issues with 360 games, they really lowered the requirements and sony cant do anything about it. Only thing sony can control is first party games.

Solidus187-SCMilk2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

considering that the PS3 versions of games constantly have more issues than their 360 counterparts, I think you should complain to sony and not MS.

TheDareDevil2316d ago

Why has microsoft "lowered the standards" this gen?

Codeman4202316d ago

He more or less talking about patching after the games release since MS started the whole thing Sony has followed suite because a game dev isnt going to fix one consoles issues ship it fixed while shipping another broken and patching it later. its cost efficient to ship all versions broke then patch later, which was started by MS.

testerg352316d ago

Weird considering PS3 exclusives get patches.

Codeman4202316d ago

as do MS exclusives, they few that they have. it started with MS and SOny followed suite not saying sony is the good guy here as they are at fault as well. BUt, it started with MS

Solidus187-SCMilk2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

yeah Xbox invented patches.....ahahhahahaha. Oh wait PCs have had patches for years before xbox 1 even existed.

His point is moronic considering that the ps3 versions of games constantly have more issues than the 360 versions and these are games made by third party devs, it has nothing to do with MS.

Maybe all these games getting patches has to do with the fact that these consoles are more like PCs than ever, most people have their console hooked up to the internet, and this gen we are seeing ALOT more PC games coming to consoles.

but blame MS when the PS3 versions of games are constantly more broken then their 360 counterparts. HAHAAHHHAHAHAAH

Yeah, Microsoft invented patches and its their fault that bethesda, IW and a bunch of other devs cant program for the PS3....

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drsnobby2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

@codeman,last gen there were no patches for games if they were broken then tough,however this generationg MS allows devs to patch games online,how is that a bad thing and how is that lowering standards?

_Aarix_2316d ago

Yea, if the developers decide to release a game with bugs then that's their fault.

SephirothX212316d ago

Its CoD though. Its just one giant bug.

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