Metal Gear Solid 5: What is Needed to Make It Worthwhile

GP: "Earlier this week, Metal Gear Solid 5 was revealed, which shocked some and seemed obvious to others. For me, I was sort of in between. Hideo Kojima has, for years, been playing with the idea of ending the series, with pretty much every game in the series planning to be the last one ever. Because of that, I wouldn't have been surprised if Guns of the Patriots would've been the end, especially considering how nicely it tied up most of the loose ends of the series.

The series is complicated, though, and there is always more to be said. There's definitely merit to making a new Metal Gear Solid, but there's also the risk of really, really screwing it up. So what can they do to keep that from happening? Well, like most people who want to achieve greatness, they have only to listen to me."

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Batzi2431d ago

First of all it needs to be confirmed by Hideo Kojima himself before we start hyping something that may not exist for a while. And to answer the question, the only thing needed to make it worthwhile is Hideo Kojima.

RedDead2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

A story that isn't overdone, no over dramatic crap either. MGS4 >:/

Definitely no crappy unnecessary twist in the last 5 mins, and good bosses

Pozzle2431d ago

I didn't mind the overdramatic-ness of the story, but someone needs to fire MGS4's editor and hire someone new. I don't mind long cutscenes in games, but so many of MGS4's ended up repeating the same info we already knew or dragging on for longer than was necessary. That was probably my main complaint with the game.

Bereaver2431d ago

I'm not trying to put anyone down or anything but I don't think Kojima needs any website or people trying to tell him what he needs to do with MGS.

reznik_zerosum2431d ago

this guy is so boring with all this hideo who cares crap

NewMonday2431d ago

expand on the ideas of MGPW, and get a roster of 6-8 recruitble characters with back stories and missions like Mass Effect 2, take them fighting in wars around the world in non-liner chapters.

ZombieAssassin2431d ago

I'd like some extra co-op missions but i'd prefer the main story mode to be single player.

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D3mons0ul2431d ago

A good majority of the fanbase can't deal with a game that doesn't star either Snake or Big Boss so what's the point? What more is there to tell about their lives and missions? It's time for something new. What? Is Snake supposed to somehow be cured of his clone deficiencies and de-age?

I'd rather play as Grey Fox or Raiden, ninjas ftw

I'm interested to see what Kojima is going to do but I can only really see this as a way to appease the rabid fanbase who freaked out when Rising was announced. Which is funny because when MGS4 came out and people saw all the changes that were made to raiden for the better, many people wanted a prequel game about him taking place between mgs2 and 4...that's what Rising is.

MHenderson2431d ago

I thought that a story about The Boss would be really interesting. She has a lot of backstory that'd definitely be worth exploring, and it'd sort of be like what Snake Eater did for Big Boss.

Plus, she was even better at CQC than Big Boss was, so that'd be pretty fresh.

D3mons0ul2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I agree with that.

But how bout a game set in WW2 where to take control of ALL of the cobras in their youth? (Not counting The End, of course) I especially want to be The Sorrow as he was my favorite of the group.

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