GTA 4: 50 Stunning Modding Shots Shows The Graphics We Want To See in GTA 5

Here are 50 brand new modding screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 4 with iCEnhancer 2. Check out the awesome shots after the break!

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reynod2315d ago

Lol GTA 5 wont be getting those sort of graphics if its released on this gen of consoles. New hardware is needed for better graphics.

Play2Win2315d ago

Graphics aren't everything. Too much focus on visuals these days. I want better shooting and cover mechanics. GTA4 already looks pretty good.

T9002315d ago

So why is it everytime a new game is released we have tons of comparisons between the consoles with fans of each base trying to claim superiority over minor differences.

Yet when mods from a PC version of the game look worlds apart the same console gamers come out to say, "its about game play not graphics", So why did you buy the current gen of consoles, might as well be stuck with a PS2 or even previous gen system, since its all about gameplay mechanics.

Play2Win2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

That's not what I was saying. Why should I play PS2 when I want to play PS3 Games and watch blu-ray?

And I don't care for such comparisons. I am not responsible for such things. Well, I'm new here and the truth is definitely not what's said and done here on N4G. There are a lot of Fanboys to be honest.

And I don't care for PC Mods at all. My PC is good but I just use it for work.

And the gameplay mechanics are far better on PS3 than on PS2. Plus you get better visuals and performance.

T9002315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

"And the gameplay mechanics are far better on PS3 than on PS2."

Umm not according to many of the GTA3 fans. They think GTA3 had better mechanics then GTA4. Hence if you favor gameplay over graphics then you should be playing on the PS2. If anything with this gen of consoles many games have been dumbed down to appeal to a wider audience.

Imo Gameplay mechanics do count, however better graphics do go hand in hand. You may like the way GTA 4 looks today, however when next consoles launch and a true successor to the game is out, you will be saying GTA 4 doesnt look so good any more, just like people dont like the looks of GTA 3 in this age. Like Reynod said we wont be getting a better looking game until next gen.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2315d ago

I'm ready for next gen! Especially after seeing shots like these and BF3, Witcher 2, Crysis 2 on max.

Shok2315d ago

Mods will always be ahead of the current generation, and maybe even the next (for consoles). Look at that Crysis Realism mod - I doubt we'll be getting games that look like that next generation on consoles.

reynod2315d ago

Rumor has it next gen consoles arent going for high end hardware. Console makers have barely seen a profit this gen. MS probably has made a small profit however if you account initial investments from Xbox 1 then they probably havent broken even yet. Sony also this gen has only seen losses.

Hence both the companies want to start next gen with as little loss as possible and want to become profitable asap.

Hence it is strongly rumored that both will be going with cost effective designs, meaning nothing high end.

Now remember while PC tech has progressed alot since the introduction of PS3 and Xbox 360. There are afew things that have gone out of hand. Power consumption and Heat generation.

Notice how high end PCs of today come in big casings, in order to mitigate all that heat they have so much airflow. I dont think most console gamers are aware of this, however i would urge them to experience this. Ever get close to even mid range GPUs of today(forget a high end gpu like GTX 580), and feel the heat these things exhaust when running at 100%. Its alot of heat, in a small form factor like console it would cause a melt down or RROD, YLOD. Infact Heat generation is becoming such an issue with hardware today, the latest high end CPUs from Intel will becoming with Liquid coolers, just so they can remove all that heat.

One thing is for sure, MS and Sony are going to be launching small boxes next gen in order to save costs. With such restrictive designs it will be difficult to remove all that heat. Hence that will be a factor limiting performance.

Next obstacle to over come are power requirements. Even though we have seen die shrinks power requirements for mid to high end GPUs are through the roof compared to what they used to be back when PS3 and Xbox launched. If next gen consoles are to come equipped with anything powerful they will need to come equipped with real PSUs for all the power requirement.

All of this is going to cost money and wont work in restrictive casings. Hence i do not forsee next gen consoles being the leap forward that PS3 and Xbox 360 were to the previous gen.

ECM0NEY2315d ago

Hey look a German site with GTA IV graphic mod screen shots!!! Im shocked!

younglj012315d ago

Lol see this is what funny too me.People are screaming for tha next gen that its sad.Last gen none of this was going on.Everyone was happy with tha console they owned.During my PS1 days I never taught about another console and I was happy.I had atleast 50 different games.

There was no omg this game look horrible so it sucks.It was all about one thing and that was fun factor.Now its all about tha graphics.What happen too tha importance of gameplay.Look and Gears of War 3 and UnCharted 3.They both showing you what capable on tha 360 and PS3.Wouldn't ya'll like more then a couple new IPs on current consoles.If I can remember PS2 gen had 30+ new IPs in its lifestyle.

If Wii U can produce graphics better then 360 or PS3.Then its time for MicroSoft and Sony too showcase what they have planned.

And lets be honest if developers thought that these type of graphics would make them alot of money.Wouldn't PC have an shit ton of exclusive that are very popular.Yes BF3 is beautiful on PC and so was BF2.Put did you hear people whining about what game need too reach that level.No some people was able too afford too play it and some wasnt.

I'm sure there are people playing 360 and PS3 that dont even understand what graphics means too gaming.They are just happy too be playing a video game.

Stop praising graphics and talk about improving gameplay.Even tha prettiest girl in tha world can have some type of disease....

Sorry for rant but tried of people acting like they speak for everyone.Just because 5 of your friends agree with you dont mean tha world do....Once again Sorry ;)