Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals: GameStop

GameStop is always one of the go-to stores for video games so here are the Xbox 360 deals at GameStop for the upcoming Black Friday.

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Sensical2435d ago

L.A. Noire is already taking quite the price cut. That's kind of heartbreaking, even though I understand it wasn't a great game. Worth checking out the tech, but not a great game.

Xander7562435d ago

I think that it is a great game personally.

Godchild10202435d ago

Personal Opinion! I found the game great, but it got repetitive at the end of the game. The price cut is due to the company going under and not the game being bad.

Tachyon_Nova2435d ago

Already? It came out in April and considering this holiday is absolutely packed with top quality new games you have to do something to get noticed. Plus it was rated roughly 90/100 on metacritic, so it wasnt exactly a bad game was it.

Urmomlol2435d ago

Thanks for posting the same news that's been posted a dozen times before.

sickpup2435d ago

Still some of the worst deals for Black Friday. I feel bad for anyone who still goes to GameStop because they don't know any better.