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DarkBlade46582252d ago

Yesss! Way to come through Bethesda!!!

Baliw2252d ago

Improve or fix?
Don't mess with us :P

DonaldBeck2252d ago

ill believe it when i see it. im playing dark souls until they fix whatever they need to fix with the ps3 version.

Blackdeath_6632252d ago

i bought it since launch but im in no rush to play skyrim infact ive barely played it since i bought it (well only six hours but it felt like nothing). i dont think i will be experiencing any issues before the patch but i might wait for it

grailly2252d ago

as if dark souls didn't have framerate issues lol

Bigpappy2252d ago

Very good news for anyone who needs to play skyrim on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.