Skyward Sword: Funny Skydiving Fails

GameXplain: "So we've been having some fun with Skyward Sword these past few weeks, but one thing we simply can't get enough of is face-planting after a mile-high jump. Check out our compilation video to see what we mean."

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Dash Reindeer2434d ago

Hahaha that is awesome. Only a few more hours until I have mine!

yabhero2433d ago

lucky mine s coming on Wednesday, but ill be off for thanksgiving so its OK, plus i got the bundle wth gold wiimotion plus and music
Zelda is definitely something to be thankful for

newsguy2434d ago

hehe. that is pretty awesome.

CDbiggen2434d ago

xD I've had loads of these already and i'm only a few hours in. That part where Zelda pushes you off, I somehow landed on the wall.

Bimkoblerutso2434d ago

Who the hell is disagreeing? These are pretty dang funny.