Deeper into EndWar's factions - New screens

Ubisoft has popped Eurogamer the first dossier of information on rifle units in real-time strategy title EndWar.

It follows on from an announcement last Friday that there would be three factions each with different characteristics: the European electronics nerds, the fancy Americans, and the grizzled Russians.

Over in the cold reaches of Russia life is hard and so are its Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Wolves, who use sandpaper to wipe their bottoms with if indeed they dab them down at all. AK-47 is still their weapon of choice, stereotypically, coupled with a sniper rifle called an OSV-120. Obviously the old AK-47 has undergone some improvements between 1974 and 2020 (present day), too.

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Greysturm3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

USA: they should have just copy paste the GRAW2 Mitchell design
Europe: I like the famas artwork but the helmets looks silly
Russia: So this game is set in 13 years looks like russia went back to their trample them with numbers strategy because they look just like current forces.

picker3323912d ago

Never seen this game before,is it a rpg or a fps?

The Maverick3912d ago

This game looks so pro, having played GRAW1/2 Rainbow six, and splintercell i so want this game though their first trailer that was released was a bit dodgy, hopefully it will stay hard and have an excellent hard mode which for the 360 version should give about 100 points like rainbow six for realistic mode-damn i cant wait