2011 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to November 12th

VGChartz compares the yearly and total sales of the consoles and handhelds.

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gypsygib2284d ago

One thing I don't get it that the analysis has lifetime 360 and PS3 sales at approx 57.4 mill and 55.7 mill respectively, but on the homepage it's still showing last years sales numbers.

Hicken2283d ago

It's VGChartz. Can't expect them to have the correct numbers, even in reference to their own site.

Bathyj2283d ago

Man, is the Wii going downhill fast or what?

In the past when it sucked next to its own numbers it was still beating the HD consoles, but its not even keeping up with them now.

Wii U cant come quick enough for Nintendo but it might not be seen as a big enough upgrade to bother with. Its going to have to be cheap to compete with PS3's and Xboxes going for $200.

strickers2283d ago

Despite Sony announcing 55.5 million for september 30 and 360 announcing 57 million 2 weeks ago,somehow the PS3 has sold 200000 since then and 360 has sold 1.4 million since MS themselves said 57 million weeks ago.
I love that vgchartz will even ignore official numbers.