World of Warcraft Is No Longer The King

After quite some time of dominating its competition, World of Warcraft is no longer on top.

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Letros2430d ago

MOBA game vs. an MMO? Why not compare it to Call of Duty, there's more people playing that too.

NuclearDuke2430d ago

Free to play vs. an Payment subscription? Why not compare it to Facebook Tetris, there's more playing that too.

(I totally agree with you Letros).

papashango2429d ago

As much as id like to agree with this article. Comparing a subscription based mmo to a free to play moba is just plain stupid. Wow would still make more money per month with only a million subcscribers. Which still makes it untouchable

ATi_Elite2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

1. No game has made more money than WOW
2. WOW has ruled it's genre for 7 straight years
3. Even loosing a few million subscribers WOW still towers over everything.
4. In Asia WOW players pay by the HOUR!!!!
5. WoW makes more money in a month than most games do in a lifetime
6. since 2007 WoW has made over a Billion dollars YEARLY!

Now as far as quality of gameplay......the next Gen MMO's are offering up game play with real time action and cross domain combat that brings all the gamers closer to a one world format while offering just as much of a social gathering aspect like WoW. I do not like WoW cause i prefer real time user controlled combat and the Next Gen MMo's offer this.

League of legends is free to play with micro-transactions while WoW is F2p to like level 20.

LoL 11 million users is impressive along with 4 million gamers daily. As far as king of video games goes...who knows?

WOW = Billion dollars yearly since 2007
COD = every release sells over 15 million units since 2007
LoL = 11 million gamers
Farmville = 80 million gamers
Minecraft = 4 million Beta units sold
Grand Theft Auto = Most talked about and publicized series ever

King of Video game disasters:
Of course E.T. = made more E.T. cartridges than they made Atari 2600 and the game sucked so bad they buried them in the desert

Superman 64 = second worst game ever

Shenmue = $70 million dollar budget, total financial flop only selling 1.18 million units

Too Human = $60 million Dollar budget, 700k sold.

and very soon Star Wars The Old Republic = $300 to $500 million dollar total budget for this Star Wars themed WoW clone.

Sensical2430d ago

Yeah, this article is comparing apples to oranges, but it's still worth having the discussion, I think.

led10902430d ago

It ruled the world for almost 7 years now. Lets see if a game can do that and then talk about being a king

modesign2430d ago

it will be interesting to see the subscribers for SWTOR. unless EA fucks it up like APB.

SonyNGP2430d ago

With forcing Origin, expect some f ups.

Aloren2430d ago

I don't think you need Origin to play SWTOR.

vudu2430d ago

from the faq:
Yes, you will require an active Origin account in addition to a Star Wars: The Old Republic account.

Aloren2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

The account is required, that's different. It's basically your EA account, just like with every other EA game. It doesn't mean you need to start origin to play SWTOR (I know I never did to play the beta).

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The story is too old to be commented.