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Submitted by ktchong 2995d ago | review

Gaming Today Reviews Mass Effect (8/10)

Gaming Today's Shawn reviews Mass Effect - November 29th, 2007:

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 8
Sound: 9
GamePlay: 8
Replayability: 8
Overall: 8

"There is no better RPG for the 360 right now. Mass Effect is truly an interesting game with a realized game world that is brought down thanks to some odd design choices and uneven combat gameplay. As the first game in the series it does an excellent job of setting up the universe for future expansion. There are plenty of interesting characters and strong plot threads introduced in the game that are not paid off immediately. 360 owners could do far worse, but be realistic about the game and don't buy into the hype." (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 8/10

razer  +   2995d ago
The gave deserves higher than an 8. It is by far the best and most favorite RPG I've ever played.
BLACKJACK VII  +   2995d ago
Absolutely. Should have maintained their medicority & given 8's for everything. Replayability is a 12, & graphics at least a 9. Definately the best story this gen.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2994d ago
totally agreed, no other game captured me like this.
sheng long  +   2994d ago
It's just an opinion guys. As long as the game is a 10/10 for you, then who cares if the guy gives it a 1/10? sure it sucks because it gives fanboys fuel to criticise the game. But as long as you enjoyed it, then you got your money's worth.

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