Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.04 Now Available

Dualshock Nexus: Infinity Ward has been updating MW3 weekly with updates and patch 1.04 is the most recent. The patch is about 21mb. Hot fixes and other information given by IW's Robert Bownling can be found in the full story.

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-Alpha2283d ago

"Hot fix for the bug which allows people to call in unlimited amount of stealth bombers."

This was getting real popular real fast. And apparently anyone caught is getting the Sledgehammer.

reynod2283d ago

Dam they still need to be patching a 4 year old game.

NuclearDuke2283d ago

You still need a new brain after your parents tried to kill you.

cyborg69712283d ago

If you disargree with him nuke your the one without a brain.

This is a rehashed pos game. You can keep playing it though. I don't like one man armies on my bf3 team.

sak5002283d ago

dont be fooled. It's the same patch which fixed COD4 and now they relabled it and did few tweaks here and there and called it "MW3" patch. Dont be fooled into getting this one :D

webbsod2283d ago

that is good they fixed the out of map issue while not everyone did it when it is done its a big issue.

chriski3332282d ago

God I hate u Robert bowling