Battalion Wars 2 Interview, Part 2: GameCube 2.0 and future development

Although tactical shooter Battalion Wars II is out in the US already, Brits won't be seeing the Wii title until next year. In part two of this interview series with Tancred Dyke-Wells, creative director of the game's UK-based developer Kuju, chats GameCube 2.0, customer feedback and future development. How much better is the Wii than the GameCube?

Tancred Dyke-Wells: It varies. It's somewhere in the factor of two really. But there's so many different aspects to it. The way the memory works is different. There's now some much faster memory. The overall amount of memory is much greater. And the CPU is faster. So factoring lots of all these elements into account it's probably by a factor of two.

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wiizy3911d ago

sony and their fanboys.. hate on the number one system.. innovation is where its at and thats why wii is number one.. and xbox has the best games. then nintendo will take that too.. thats leaves one loser and sony is the name